Don’t Forget to Turn Off the Lights!

But If You Do Forget, It’s Okay If You Have a Lighting Control System in Your Home

As a kid, did your parents ever get on to you about leaving the lights on? No matter how many times you tried, you could just never remember to switch the light off as you left a room. It happened to the best of us and still would if it weren’t for home lighting control.

Your Lakeway-area home can transform into an energy-efficient one with a lighting system that offers not only one-tap control but incredible comfort and convenience as well. Read on below to learn how incorporating a lighting control system can change the way you spend your day-to-day life at home in Texas!

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3 Rooms of the House Where Audio/Video Distribution Is Useful

Service Tech Is Your Austin-Area AV Expert, with Superior Service & Technology Solutions

Where do you like to listen to music? And where do you prefer to partake in your Netflix binge-watching or movie marathons? If you responded with, “well, it depends!” or listed a few different rooms within your Central Texas house, then we completely understand! Having the ability to listen and watch your favorite entertainment sources practically anywhere is one of the best features of audio/video distribution. There's no need to be stuck in one place!

Imagine using the same system to switch between the Blu-ray player, streaming channels, your vintage LP player, personal music collection, and whatever else you enjoy using in your downtime. Take a look below to learn three areas of your Westlake-area home that can benefit from an AV distribution system designed and installed by Service Tech.

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What Can a Lutron Black Diamond Dealer Do for Me?

Change the Way Your Austin-Area Home Looks and Feels with the Power of Lighting!

Lighting, whether it’s artificial LED lighting or natural sunlight, can make or break the aesthetic in your Texas living space. Not enough light can make a room feel cramped or dull; too much light can make an area feel overwhelming or downright unlivable.

As the leading Lutron dealer in the Greater Austin area, Service Tech proudly brings innovative lighting designs and control systems to homes all across the region. Since 2003, we’ve helped our clients achieve beautiful home atmospheres with lighting, AV, and smart automation. Read on below to learn what we can bring to luxury homes just like yours and why we’re a proud Lutron Black Diamond dealer.

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A Unique Partnership Improves Home Lighting Design

Architects and Builders Need a Lighting Design Partner for Superior Projects

No matter where your client is in the design or construction process, you want to provide them with a best-in-class final product. For builders, that means superior craftsmanship; for architects, that means jaw-dropping design details that offer both form and function throughout a space.

To take your projects to a new echelon of excellence, consider partnering with a home lighting design company like Service Tech! Keep reading below to learn why lighting design is essential for your projects and see how we helped a local design firm with their lighting needs!

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Exterior Motorized Shades Make Your Backyard the Place to Be!

Don’t Let the Heat Get to You: Automated Shades Provide the Ultimate in Comfort

Even as summer begins to wind down, the heat is still certainly kicking it up a notch. You might want to venture outdoors to take advantage of the beautiful weather – but at what cost? Overheating and annoying bugs might await you, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your outdoor amenities. We have your solution!

Exterior motorized shades can transform how you experience your Austin, TX backyard and patio areas. With this smart solution, you can avoid the worst that the great outdoors has to offer – and only bask in the luxuries of your backyard setup.

Find out more about outdoor shading by reading on below!

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Enjoy Texas-Sized Entertainment with an Outdoor Speaker System

Music, Movies, Podcasts, and More Are All On the Agenda For Backyard Entertainment

The official start of autumn is September 22, but in Texas, it will feel like summertime until much later in the year. While the sweltering heat may seem daunting, it’s a beautiful thing to be able to enjoy backyard spaces practically year-round.

During the summer, a dip in the pool is always fun. In the colder months, hanging out by the firepit is a relaxing activity to enjoy with friends. And while it’s raining in Lakeway, you can always enjoy your patio when you’ve got a motorized retractable awning. But there’s something missing in all the above scenarios – an outdoor speaker system!

Keep reading below to learn how including a speaker system outside can up the ante on your entertainment options!

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Hidden Technology Delivers Sound without Being Seen

Sonance Invisible Speakers Create an Immersive Soundscape

We all want to experience that crystal-clear, high-fidelity audio performance in our own homes – but sometimes, the equipment needed to produce those desired sounds can cause a cramp on your personal style and design.

How can you achieve high-end sound without having to deal with bulky speakers or intrusive devices cluttering your rooms or throwing off your carefully curated layout? Hidden technology can transform how you listen to your music and media.

In this blog, we’ll explore how invisible speakers from Sonance can bring powerful sound performance while still maintaining your interiors throughout your Austin, TX home! Keep reading on below for more.

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Lighting Designers Get to Have All of the Fun!

Change the Way You Experience Your Home with Architectural Lighting 

With a foundation in both science and art, architectural lighting incorporates natural and synthetic lighting into a building’s aesthetic in an energy-efficient way. As the leading Austin-area lighting designer, Service Tech is proud to bring innovative ideas to high-rise condos downtown to sprawling estates in the Hill Country.  

Your home should be shown in its best light – no matter the time of day! Scroll below to learn more about architectural lighting design and how it can genuinely elevate your Texas lifestyle. Read more

Service Tech Is Your Austin-Area Lighting Design Specialist

Serving Austin Since 2003, Our Team Excels at Illuminating Homes & Businesses

Austin living is fun and exciting. If you’re outdoorsy, you have several state parks within a few hours’ drive nearby. If you’re a fan of the nightlife, simply go downtown any night of the week for a good time. If you enjoy culture, you can take a field trip throughout history in any one of the museums or cultural centers sprinkled throughout the Texas Hill Country.

What about your own home, though? Have you considered the fun and exciting ways you can improve your property? There’s no reason to leave the house for fun or excitement when you’ve upgraded your lighting design.

Keep reading below to learn how a professional lighting designer can bring this cool, modern home solution to your living spaces.

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Change the Way You See & Experience Your Backyard Spaces

Coastal Source Landscape Lighting & Control Make Outdoor Living More Enjoyable

Taking the load off after a long day doesn’t need to bring its own set of frustrations. Too-bright spotlights that attract bugs or make you squint while trying to talk with friends are a thing of the past once you decide to incorporate landscape lighting into your Westlake-area backyard.

One-tap control of every fixture across your entire property is possible with one of our favorite brand partners, Coastal Source. Keep scrolling below to learn how adding a landscape lighting control system to your Texas backyard will change the way you experience your next pool party or friendly outdoor get-together.

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