Bedroom with nightstand lamps dimly lit and motorized shades down.

Lutron Lighting Saves Energy without Sacrificing Control & Beauty

Consider These Eco-Friendly Lighting Options

Does it surprise you to learn that eco-friendly light fixtures can be beautiful and sophisticated? Lutron believes that you should be able to have both. Since 1961, they have been offering elegant lighting control solutions that save energy and money for consumers. With Lutron, you can have beauty and be environmentally friendly all at once.

In addition to saving energy, Lutron's lighting controls provide comfort and convenience to homeowners through their programmable features. Continue reading to learn more about Lutron's eco-friendly options for your Lakeway, TX, home.

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A home theater with black recliners, white walls and a large screen showcasing the Control4 user interface.

4 Benefits of a Custom Home Theater

Enhance your movie-watching experience with a personalized home theater design

Are you a movie lover? A home theater is  the ultimate solution to turn your residence into a dream space!

When you have a custom home theater, there is no need to wait in long queues to get the best seat for your favorite movies. Experiencing the same cinematic feel is possible in the comfort of your home.

The best part? No more spoilers from strangers sitting in the back or loud munching noises that can ruin the movie. But that’s not all there is to customizing your home cinema. 

Read on to discover the top 4 benefits of a personalized home theater installation in your Austin, TX, residence.

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a neutral-colored living room scene, an ocean background is seen on a television screen.

Get Inspired: An Immersive Audio-Video Installation for Your Home

Learn How We Can Help You Increase the Quality of Your Lifestyle 

Whether you’re watching your favorite film or playing video games with the kids, you could benefit from a high-quality audio-video system. With a better visual experience and immersive audio to match, you’ll be able to enjoy all of your favorite media even more than you did before. 

An audio-video installation can completely change how you experience entertainment in your Austin, TX, home. Even better — there’s no need to worry about bulky or excessive wires getting in the way or becoming an eye sore. We’ll make sure they’re out of sight. 

At Service Tech, we aim to provide our customers with a viewing and listening experience that makes all their favorite movies, video games, and playlists a brand-new journey. Ready to learn more about what we offer? 

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a living room with high-end speakers, TV, couch, and a console

Transform Home Entertainment with High-End Audio

Add a new vibe to your home with high-performance speakers

Searching for an audio system for your home? You have many to choose from. In fact, there will never be a shortage of speakers and systems to buy for your home in West Lake Hills, TX. But when you want to upgrade your listening experience to the highest level, then it’s important to understand what to look for and how to get what you need. 

While a standard sound system is acceptable for most people, it will come as a huge disappointment if you’re an audiophile. And even if you don’t consider yourself an audiophile, but you want to listen to music in a better way, then high-end audio will never disappoint. But what exactly are these hi-fi sound systems, and how do they differ from standard home audio? Read on to find out!

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media room featuring smart home automation, lighting control, and UT football team on the big screen TV

Upgraded Smart Home Systems Make Entertaining More Fun!

Become the Ultimate Hangout Spot & More with Service Tech’s Help

Though your friends may judge you for not being a Longhorns fan - and we may too - there won’t be any sour judgments made by your guests regarding whether or not your Lakeway home is luxurious and comfortable. Discover how new or upgraded smart home systems can transform your at-home entertainment and make every social gathering and football hangout more enjoyable than ever before! 

Keep scrolling to see what it takes to transform your Texas property!

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Outdoor patio space with raised motorized shades.

5 Types of Exterior Shades You Can Add to Your Home

Increase Your Outdoor Space with the Right Outdoor Shading Solution

After spending time, money, and energy designing your backyard and patio, you’ll want to spend as much time outdoors as possible. But sometimes, weather, bugs, and intense heat can get in the way of those plans. That’s why you need exterior shades for your outdoor space. There are many types of outdoor shades, so one solution is sure to fit your needs. To learn more, here are five popular types of outdoor shading solutions that may suit your home in Austin, TX.

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1. Retractable Roof

Sometimes you want to sit in your open-air space and soak up the sun. Other times, you need a break from the rays or need to protect your furniture from UV. That’s where a retractable roof comes in! Choose between an open top on your pergola or arbor for a little protection. Retract your roof to enjoy the sun or extend it at the touch of the button. 

2. Motorized Bug Screens

Your outdoor patio space is built to optimize your time on your property. However, pesky gnats and mosquitos quickly ruin your time outside. So keep them out! With motorized bug screens, the bugs stay out of your patio space. With the touch of a button, you lower the screens to enjoy the sun’s warmth and outdoor view - all without worrying about pests ruining your time alone or with friends and family. 

3. Patio Screens

Patio screens work much like motorized bug screens but also provide protection from ultraviolet rays and heat for superior outdoor solar control. Companies like Draper allow you to pick the size and style to get the right balance of UV protection and airflow to your outdoor space. The screens can span large areas too - more than 192 inches wide. On top of that, Draper shades can be controlled with ease using a wall switch, remote, or smart home tablet. 

4. Louvered Roof 

A louvered roof comprises many panels that tilt to either open or close. When the panels lay flat, you get complete protection from rain and cool shade. You can tilt them slightly for a balance of sun and shade or have the slats lay vertical for full exposure to the Texas sky. 

5. Rolling Shutters

Rolling shutters go over your home’s windows to provide more security, privacy, and overall comfort. These shades completely block your home from the outdoors so that no one can see in. They also block out sunlight and reduce outdoor noises, so they are perfect solutions for rooms where you need quiet and privacy, like a home office or theater.

Service Tech has the solution no matter what exterior shades your Austin, TX home needs. Our team partners with some of the best outdoor shading companies on the market, like Rainier and Draper. So, get started extending your living space by adding outdoor protection from bugs, the sun, and rain. Contact Service Tech today! 

Luxurious Texas patio space with an Outdoor TV and landscape lighting.

3 Outdoor Entertainment Technologies to Enhance Your Backyard

Turn Your Outdoor Area into a Premium Entertainment Space

The summer may already be halfway over, but you can still enjoy sunshine and warm weather for many months of the year, meaning more time to make the most out of your elegantly designed outdoor space. 

Now is the time to upgrade your backyard in Austin, TX, from a cool hang-out spot to the ultimate entertainment space with a few outdoor entertainment technologies. Whether you use it to watch a big game with friends or a movie with the family, you can enhance your backyard experience with these three outdoor technologies. Keep reading for more details! 

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1. SunBrite Outdoor TVs

Who says a media room needs to be inside the house? With a SunBrite outdoor TV, you can enjoy your favorite show, movie, or game under the stars. Choose between a full-sun, partial-sun, or full-shade TV, depending on where you will place it. SunBrite TVs come in various sizes to fit your needs, have crisp 4K displays, and are fully weatherproof. These TVs make your backyard your new favorite media “room” in the house!

2. Coastal Source Outdoor Audio

A good display is nothing without a high-quality audio system to match. Coastal Source specializes in making premium outdoor speaker systems. Their range of products, from source bollards to bullet speakers, can be strategically used around your backyard to provide crisp, immersive sound wherever you want your audio to carry. You can also control your speakers from your smartphone or integrate them into your whole-home audio system.

3. Coastal Source Lighting

Coastal Source doesn’t stop at providing outdoor audio systems. They also create outdoor lighting solutions that add appeal to your property. Your backyard is an extension of your home and should be lit up to reflect that. Outdoor landscape lighting doesn’t only set the mood for outdoor entertainment. It also increases the safety of your entire home. Coastal Source covers you whether you want path lights, step lights, or concealed bullet lights. Like their speakers, you can use Coastal Source lighting solutions to create the perfect landscape lighting for your home. 

Creating a premium outdoor entertainment space doesn’t start and end with purchasing the technology. Everything from your outdoor TV to your landscape lighting should be strategically placed to create the luxurious outdoor entertainment space of your dreams. Our team at Service Tech has years of experience designing and installing premium smart home spaces, both inside the home and outside. We can help you with every step, from picking the right equipment to designing a beautiful, luxurious outdoor space.

Contact Service Tech today if you want to get started adding an outdoor entertainment space to your Austin, TX, home. We look forward to hearing from you. 

open concept living room and dining room with chandeliers overlooking an outdoor patio

Explore Lighting Fixtures That Make Your Home Stand Out

Discover What You Can Do With Stunning Fixtures From Lucifer Lighting and Service Tech

In everything we do, from whole-home lighting designs from the ground up to installing eye-catching lighting fixtures, the Service Tech team has a keen eye. This incredible attention to detail makes our team stand out from competitors in West Lake Hills and the surrounding Central Texas region. 

To discover the finer details of one of our favorite brands in the industry, keep reading below to explore Lucifer Lighting!

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Extended retractable awning on a luxurious, modern home.

4 Benefits of a Retractable Patio Roof

Enjoy Your Lakeway, TX Patio Rain or Shine with Increased Comfort and Protection

When you’ve carefully designed and furnished a patio space, you want to be able to enjoy it as much as possible. After all, time spent outside is proven to have health benefits. 

But on days when the sun is strong, or rain is falling, you may not be able to enjoy your patio how you’d like. However, if you add a retractable patio roof to your Lakeway, TX home, you’ll be able to enjoy your patio space in any weather and for more months out of the year. 

Is a retractable patio roof necessary, you might ask? Read on to discover four major benefits that occur once you’ve integrated an automated patio roof into your smart home system! 

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Modern, stylish bedroom with a Western flair and motorized curtains

How Sivoia QS Lutron Motorized Shades Enhance Your Austin, TX Home

Soak in Austin’s Sun With Elegant Lutron Motorized Shades

Thanks to smart home technology, the days of messing with window treatments are over. Lutron motorized shades bring simplicity and luxury to your home’s lighting. Motorized shades control and automate your blinds opening and closing, allowing you to soak in natural light without using more energy than necessary, while protecting your furniture and art. Lutron’s Sivoia QS system and product line offer convenient control with stylish, upscale designs.

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