3 Reasons We Love Motorized Outdoor Patio Shades

Extend Your Living Spaces to the Great Outdoors

We don’t want to sound cliché by starting a conversation by talking about the weather, but when you’re in Texas, you can’t get away from it! Isn’t the Texas weather always throwing us for a loop? Especially this time of year, Lakeway-area residents can never put their winter coats, flip flops, or shorts away!

If you’re lucky enough to be able to hang out on the back patio during one of those rare warm winter days, or if you want to get a head start on summertime fun, then you need to consider motorized patio shades!

Keep scrolling to read our blog on the topic! We cover three of our top reasons for loving this outdoor home solution.

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What’s It Like to Have a Lutron Lighting System?

Experience Luxury at the Tip of Your Fingers in Your Lakeway-Area Home

Imagine walking into a room and tapping a button to have the entire room respond in seconds. Tap the “Bright” button on a beautiful on-wall keypad in the living room, then watch the roller shades rise, the indoor lamps brighten, and the overhead lights turn on to a bright blue-white hue. You’re instantly prepared to do anything with ease in your Lakeway-area home, thanks to the instant illumination available at your fingertips.

Beyond brightening day-to-day activities, a Lutron lighting system adds innovation, style, and convenience to Texas homeowners’ daily lifestyles. Keep reading below to learn how Lutron – and Service Tech – keep raising the bar on smart home solutions!

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3 Signs a Home Theater Installation Best Suits Your Entertainment Needs

Key Indicators That a Dedicated Theater Fits You Better Than a Media Room

If you’ve read any news concerning smart homes recently, you’ve heard by now that media rooms are trending. After all, why not? They offer multi-purpose entertainment for more flexibility for how and when you watch your favorite movies, TV shows, and sports – plus, you can listen to music and play video games in a fun, mixed-media environment.

However, as trendy as home media rooms are, some Westlake, TX homeowners are still better suited to a traditional home theater installation. Find out if we’re describing you by reading below!

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What’s It Like to Have a Crestron Home?

Experience the Sophisticated Luxury of a Home Automation System from Service Tech

Imagine walking into your Westlake-area home and having it respond to your requests. Not quite like the science fiction films of yesteryear, but better. Sophisticated luxury living isn’t campy or convoluted – it just works!

A smart home control system using the Crestron Home platform ensures your smart lighting, motorized shading, security, audio/video, and climate control subsystems not only work well independently but in orchestra with one another as well. All you need to do is tap a button or say a voice command.

Take a look below at four smart scenes the professional home automation team at Service Tech can help create in your Central Texas home.

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Save Energy, Feel Better, & Enjoy Peak Entertainment with a Home Automation System

See how home automation can transform your whole lifestyle

Your home is a place that should be undeniably and unmistakably you. One of the most efficient ways to customize your Austin, TX space to your unique needs and preferences is with a home automation system from Service Tech. From easy entertainment to a comfortable climate, smart technology adds convenience and luxury to your home with minimal effort beyond pushing a button or making a voice command.

Read on below to learn more about how your home can transform for the better with home automation.

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What a Smart Lighting System Can Do for Your Home

Improve your health, highlight your landscaping, & more

Light plays an important role in our mental and physical well-being. While we need light to be able to see, we are also like complex plants: we need light in order to grow and feel good. But not all lighting is the same; some lights are overly harsh, causing eye strain and headaches – and can contribute to insomnia.

Fortunately, there is a solution to satisfy your needs. A home lighting system from Service Tech can transform your Lakeway, Texas home. The right light can complement your furniture and décor, while still being simple to manage with an app on your smartphone or tablet.

Read on below to learn more about the benefits of a home lighting system.

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What To Look Out for If You Want High-Performance Audio in Your Home

Invest in High-end Audio to Create an Immersive Experience

If you think you're a bit of an audiophile, you might be a stickler for a high-end speaker system that can provide you with the audio quality of your dreams for your home in Westlake, TX. There are several systems available in the market that advertise themselves as being high quality, but you need to be aware of what you need to look for to ensure the speaker system meets your high standards.

We have a list of important considerations that you should consider before selecting your high-performance audio system. Want to find out more? Keep reading on below.

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The Technology

The technology and the materials used to build the speaker system are important determinants of the type of sound that the system will produce. The system should be built to reduce distortion, which means the cones should be made of slightly rigid materials and shaped appropriately. The internal circuit of this speaker system should be designed to perform at different frequencies; for example, while some speakers perform well at lower volumes and base intensities, at higher levels, they might lead to audio distortion, and they should therefore be tested before you purchase them.

The Bigger, The Better

With speaker systems, you can go two ways - either opt for several small speakers placed all over your home in ceilings and on walls or large loudspeakers. Depending on your audio requirements, the small speakers are suitable for home theaters and even for whole-home audio, but if you're looking for something with excellent range and a strong and solid sound, we recommend going for larger high-end speakers that are suited to produce high-quality sound at different frequencies.

The Sound Quality

Your speaker system can come with the latest technology and features, but it might not sound right in your home due to the space available and acoustics. In such situations, there is nothing wrong with the speaker system per se; it can be made of the best materials and technology but fall short when it comes to providing you with the audio quality that you require in your home. For this reason, it's better to test your speakers in an environment that closely mimics your home so you can understand how the system will sound when it is installed.

All it takes is an expert installation from an AV professional like Service Tech and a few swipes of your finger. To experience the convenience of an audio setup that spans your entire home, connect with us using our online form or call us at (512) 456-2800.

Bring Balance and Vitality to Your Home with Circadian Lighting

Experience How Human-Centric Illumination Makes Your Luxury Home Happier and Healthier

The light in your home provides more than a way to see in the dark; it influences your mood, creates ambiance, and can affect your general well-being. While traditional installations furnish you with utilitarian solutions, a circadian lighting system generates vitality and brings balance to your lifestyle.

Following the sun’s natural cycle, tunable lighting connects you to the natural world, furnishing you with an energized focus during the day and aligning biological triggers for better rest. When you are at your best, the world seems brighter, and you feel more creative.

Are you curious about how lighting can change how you live, work, and play in Austin, TX? Keep reading below to discover the possibilities.

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Smart Shades Enhance Your Luxury Home and Lifestyle

Motorized Shades Offer Energy Savings and Sophistication

The style and type of window treatment you use can transform a room, changing its appearance from incomplete and uninviting into a space full of ambiance. Going beyond the final fit and finish of a room, shades also contribute to keeping your house comfortable and safe.

Smart shades are a critical element in managing energy costs, providing privacy, and protecting your possessions. By working in conjunction with tunable lighting systems, your automated home improves your quality of sleep and work – and improves your overall well-being.

Available in styles and fabrics that complement any décor, shades satisfy the needs of functionality and aesthetics. Are you intrigued by the possibilities for your Westlake, TX home? Read more below to find out how.

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The Ultimate in Home Automation Control for Luxury Estates

Customization Offers an Unprecedented Ease of Living

By 2025, over 478 million smart homes are expected worldwide. For many, this growing trend is all about creating a home that makes their life easier, reduces energy usage, and keeps them safe. Knowing they can access their home’s system and manage it from anywhere also helps them feel in control of the things that matter the most: their family’s security and their assets.

As the market grows, so do the options in home automation control. For those with luxury estates, many turn to Crestron or Savant for their smart home needs. Let’s look at the features these brands offer luxury homeowners in Lakeway, TX.

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