Cast your home in the best light possible by upgrading to a smart and sleek lighting system 

Just because you have “smart lights” in your home doesn’t mean you have a lighting design and control system that makes your life more luxurious. Instead of only illuminating your home, a well-thought-out lighting system creates beauty in your living spaces, promotes wellness, boosts energy efficiency, and lets you program scenes to match your mood. 

Some homeowners fail to utilize lighting design and control technology, even if they have an advanced system. Here are the top three tips to follow to get more use out of the lighting system in your home in Westlake, TX. 

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1. Save Scenes for One-Touch Control 

Lighting control is probably one of the most popular smart home technologies. It adds a level of convenience and opulence like no other. The lighting system can be controlled via wall switches, dimmers, control panels, and mobile devices. That sounds like the ultimate solution, right? But there is so much more you can do with this technology. 

In addition to controlling the lights in real-time – changing brightness and colors – you can also save scenes. Capture the lighting settings you like for an event or time of day, so the next time, you only need to press a button to recreate the same scene. Some integrators even pre-configure scenes to match your requirements, but you can change them at any time according to your preferences. 

2. Synchronize Lighting and Shading System for Energy-Efficiency

Modern lighting control systems come with sensors that allow your home’s lights to adjust the brightness levels based on the natural light in your home. The same technology is used with many shading systems – another essential element to add seamless automation in your home. 

When these two technologies are synchronized, it allows your home to be more energy efficient. The combination of shading and lighting control gives you the perfect balance between artificial and natural light. And when the lights are used at reduced brightness levels, they consume less energy and run for longer periods with no need for you to adjust the lights manually. 

3. Be Well with Circadian Lighting Systems

Circadian lighting has gained popularity among many homeowners. It is a type of lighting system that mimics the color temperatures and hues of natural sunlight. Consequently, it stimulates the body’s biological clock or circadian rhythm, which helps you feel more energized and active throughout the day. It also makes you feel better rested at night and helps improve sleep patterns. This way, your home not only becomes more functional, but it also promotes wellness. 

Choose the right lighting design and make your home more comfortable and convenient. With Service Tech as your integrator, you can get all the essential features needed for a perfect lighting system. Start your project today by giving us a call at (512) 456-2800. You can also reach out to us by filling out an easy online contact form.