Consider These Eco-Friendly Lighting Options

Does it surprise you to learn that eco-friendly light fixtures can be beautiful and sophisticated? Lutron believes that you should be able to have both. Since 1961, they have been offering elegant lighting control solutions that save energy and money for consumers. With Lutron, you can have beauty and be environmentally friendly all at once.

In addition to saving energy, Lutron’s lighting controls provide comfort and convenience to homeowners through their programmable features. Continue reading to learn more about Lutron’s eco-friendly options for your Lakeway, TX, home.

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Lutron Dimmers

One way Lutron promotes energy savings is through its dimmable lighting products. Save energy every time you dim a light. For example, dimming a light by 25% saves about 20% energy and extends the lightbulb’s life. With the energy savings and extended bulb life, homeowners can save a lot annually.

Of course, money savings is only one nice thing about using dimmers on your Lutron lighting. Dimmers also help to create the perfect ambiance in a room for any activity, including watching a movie or enjoying dinner. In addition, Lutron dimmers come in various colors and styles to coordinate with any decor in your home.

Lutron Sensors

Lutron offers two types of eco-friendly sensor solutions for homeowners – occupancy/vacancy sensors (such as the Maestro) and daylight sensors. Occupancy/vacancy sensors turn on the lights automatically when they detect motion in a room and turn the lights off when activity stops. These types of sensors help families reduce the number of “left the lights on” moments.

Daylight sensors help to balance the amount of artificial light needed in a room with the amount of natural light coming into the room already. During the day, this could mean lights remain dimmed while sunlight does the work, and then at night, your lighting control system increases to full power.

Other Energy-Saving Options From Lutron

To complement the energy efficiency of Lutron lighting, consider some other Lutron products that also help conserve power.

Whole-Home Lighting Control

With a Lutron whole-home lighting system, you can extend your energy-saving power throughout every room in your house. Lutron offers many solutions for lighting control. Reach out to learn which would be best for you.

Shading Solutions

Lutron motorized shades are another eco-friendly option to help control the temperature of your home without the additional energy power of running your air conditioner or furnace. Program motorized shades to close during the hottest sunlight hours of the day to keep rooms cool, or open them on cooler days and allow the sun to help warm the space.

Temperature Controls

Lutron’s temperature control options are another easy way to save energy. Control the temperature of your home throughout the day and adjust temperatures while you’re away. Best of all, you can take control of your thermostat even when you aren’t home. 

Please get in touch with us if you’re interested in learning more about eco-friendly solutions from Lutron for your Lakeway, TX, home. We look forward to hearing from you.