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When you consider how much time you’ve spent at home lately, it makes sense that you need a space refresh to give you some new scenery. At one time, this is when we just stepped outside to enjoy our pools, patios, and friends. But given our current circumstances with the pandemic and unpredictable winter weather, we are looking indoors for comfort.

Lighting control has that transformative effect you’re looking for in order to see your Austin, TX house in a new way – both inside and out. Though aesthetic reasons urge homeowners to invest, they soon discover so many additional benefits the longer they use it. We’ll walk you through a few of those today, so stay tuned!

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Humans respond poorly to being immersed in the same lighting all day. For example, a low-voltage incandescent light is too warm and low, producing a lull. However, the fluorescent lighting in many offices is too bright and cool, making us nervous.

Did you know that your lighting needs shift throughout the day? As our CEO, Chris Pearson, stated in his recent Residential Systems interview:

“When you wake up, you want that burst. And it’s not just color temperature — it’s intensity. You might have a 90 percent intensity on a brighter blue, and as you go throughout the day, it starts to dip into a 60, 50, 40 percent intensity while you’re introducing more reds — 3000 K, 2700 K, and so forth, probably not going below a 2700 until after sunset.”

Lutron lighting imperceptibly and automatically adjusts throughout the day so that these minor tone, brilliance, and color changes occur without you ever noticing them – they feel as natural as the sun’s transition.

We call this lighting a few names: you might hear “circadian lighting” or “human-centric lighting,” for instance. No matter what you call the system, your home might appear outdated if you don’t implement it soon. According to SB Wire’s Human-Centric Lighting Market Overview, “The global human-centric lighting market was worth USD 795.0 million in 2019 and is expected to reach USD 7,641.9 million by 2027, at a CAGR of 34.3%.”


Lighting changes a room’s overall mood. For example, you may think of your kitchen as a bright, airy space where you need high-energy lighting to power through a complicated New York Times Cooking recipe. But what if you want to transform it for a romantic dinner once you’ve already cooked?

Lutron lighting scenes make the complex work of fine-tuning dozens of lights look seamless – press one button and watch your system dim and warm the lighting to prepare it for a “candlelit” feast.

Your lighting system also does wonders for architectural features, artwork, and decor. Do you have, for instance, a high ceiling in your living room that you want to show off? Uplighting emphasizes stately architecture, making the ceiling appear even more lofty.

We also like to experiment with lighting and create customized scenes. For example, we have a fan-favorite scene honoring our University of Texas at Austin fans, called “Hook ‘Em,” which casts a sporty, burnt-orange glow on your room. This is an especially popular choice for media rooms, even beyond game day.


Many first-time lighting control users are so mesmerized by the aesthetic and wellness benefits of their new systems that they forget how useful they are for safety, too. We can sync your lighting control with security devices so lights can turn on whenever your security system senses an intruder. Lights that turn on slowly when someone has lurked around your premise scare away intruders.

Another helpful security feature is a mock-occupancy lighting scene, connected to your home automation controls. Lights turn on and off based on a lighting schedule that closely resembles the one you follow when you’re home, so onlookers won’t catch on that you’re away.

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