Have More Fun in the Sun with Exterior Shades & Screens 

Just a few weeks ago, Austinites were dealing with the snowstorm of the century, yet here we are again, awaiting summer’s arrival in a few short months. The temperatures are already beginning to rise, and as you know, the Texas sun can be brutal!  

Why not make your outdoor areas more hospitable with exterior shades to prepare for the hottest season of the year! Outdoor shades, screens, and pergolas can improve your backyard space in the West Lake Hills area, not only extending your entertainment possibilities to your backyard but improving the aesthetics as wellTexas homeowners may not be able to skip the heat entirely, but Service Tech can help you make the most of it. Keep reading below to learn more about exterior shading solutions. 

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Improve the Look of Your Space

Motorized solar shades and bug screens don’t need to look clunky to work well. Consider them a complement to your exterior entertainment spaces that can add to your exterior aesthetic while also providing shade, reducing glare, and making your life more convenient. 

We work with reputable brands like Rainier and Sunair to provide awnings and roller shades that are built to withstand the harsh elements while also looking great. While designed to look inconspicuous when not being used, the screening and shading fabrics come in a variety of fabrics and styles that can block the sun in varying degrees without obstructing the view from your West Lake Hills-area patio. 

Enjoy Your Spaces More 

With a simple button press, your exterior shades or motorized awning will respond in seconds. Whether you want to block the relentless glare on your laptop screen while you remotely work in the afternoon, reduce the severity of the sun’s UV rays so outdoor furnishings don’t fade as quickly, or prevent those pesky Texas-sized mosquitos from entering your patio spaces, it’s possible! 

We Can Help 

We are looking forward to the warm summer months when we can relax by the pool and enjoy time spent safely outdoors with our friends and family. Let us help make your outdoor areas more enjoyable with exterior shading solutions. Connect with our team here or chat with us at the bottom of your screen for a no-obligation consultation. We can’t wait to hear from you!