Your Lakeway-Area Home Has Never Looked This Good 

Take a moment to think about how your day unfolds once you wake up in your Lakeway home. An alarm clock startles you awake, you stumble out of bed to turn on a lamp or overhead light, and you bump your way around to the bathroom or closet to begin getting ready for your day. Does this sound familiar?  

Your mornings can be so much more peaceful with the introduction of motorized window treatments and automated technologies. Imagine this scenario instead: wake up peacefully as your home awakens gradually with you. Smart LED bulbs brighten gradually with a soft glow, motorized blinds open automatically to let natural sunlight stream in, and your favorite streaming station starts playing music to wake you up. 

Automated home technologies like these are just a simple tap of a button away from becoming reality. With motorized blinds and shades, you can transform your interiors while also adding a layer of luxury to your Texas home. Read on below to learn more about one of our favorite smart home solutions! 

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The scenario we mentioned at the beginning of this blog can become your morning routine with the installation of motorized blinds by one of our favorite brands – Lutron. Lutron has a long history of exemplary work in the lighting and motorized shading industry. The company dedicates itself to continuous innovation in the smart home industry, ensuring that homeowners have luxury solutions that integrate with the rest of their automated home devices. 

With just a tap of your finger, or by programming them to a timer, your blinds and drapes will save you time and energy because you no longer need to walk throughout your home to open or shut every window treatment. Press a button on your smartphone, tablet, or on-wall keypad, and every window will respond in mere seconds. You can also designate zones of shading to make life more convenient. Press Living Room, and all of the blinds will respond in unison to your desired level of opened or closed to let the perfect amount of sunshine inside. 

Energy Savings 

In the summer months, close blinds to prevent heat gain in living areas; in the winter months, open blinds during warmer parts of the day to prevent your heater from running unnecessarily. With the addition of temperature sensors, you can make these actions occur automatically once the sensors detect the desired room temperature. 

Complement Your Décor 

Thanks to an incredible selection of fabrics, styles, and materials, you can not only control the amount of sunlight and heat that can enter your smart home, but you can also complement your interior design scheme.  

Choose from sheers or blackout fabrics that can control the amount of light that enters the room, completely transforming the aesthetic. Dappled sunlight streaming in through sheer curtains would work wonderfully in the reading room, but blackout drapes would work better in the bedroom or home theater. 


Motorized blinds can transform the way you live life in your Lakeway-area home. To start exploring the possibilities with our design staff, connect with us now using our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!