The amount of light in a room can set the tone, accent architecture, or create a special mood. Today's buildings are tasked to balance the amount of natural light with ambient light. The "green" movement specifically targets energy consumption since utilities consist of a majority of ongoing building expenses. Service Tech engineers have been working with architects and contractors to come up with better ways to control light consumption and conserve energy. Our designers work with clients to create shade solutions that are both good for the organization as well as the environment. We have successfully completed LEED certified projects all the way up to Platinum level.



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Custom Outdoor Living

Custom Outdoor Living

Automation with shades

  • Wake up in the morning to your shades automatically going down in the Kitchen where the sun just happens to come through at that time of day. Maybe they were down all night, so they go up instead to expose your view.

  • With a custom User Interface, close your patio louvered roof system and draw the bug screens to enjoy your Lunch outside in shade.

  • Press a button named "Evening" - Some lights brighten while others dim. Shades go down for more privacy.

  • At the end of your night, press a button named "Goodnight"- lights go out, and all shades go down in the entire home for complete privacy.

These are all examples of how control over your home shades can be easy. During installation we can program presets of your choosing for areas and specific events. Events such as: Home, Away, Evening, or Party. There are plenty of control options available. Shades in your home can be controlled by labeled keypads, touch panels, iPads or any mobile device. Some shades you won't even have to think about.

This is the world of shade control we live in today, and you can too. With a number of options between Interior and Exterior shade solutions, our team will help guide you to find exactly the right fit for your space.


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Shade Options

Interior Shades

Roller Shades

Interior shades provide multiple solutions, such as privacy, glare control, heat control and room darkening. They are custom designed to provide comfort and allow you better control over your interior lighting with a touch of a switch. They come in many different variations.

Exterior Shades

Bug Screens

Exterior shades are designed to provide maximum sun protection while preserving your view. They reduce harmful UV rays and protect valuable outdoor furnishings.

Interior Shade Types

Roller Shades Drapery Tracks Sheer Horizontals Honeycomb (Pleated) Roman Wood Blinds

Exterior Shade Types

Drop Shades Bug Screens Retractable Patio Awnings Retractable Arm Awnings Rolling Shutters Skylight Shades Retractable Roof Systems Louvered Roof Systems

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