Who we are

Founded in 2003, Service Tech in Austin, TX focused more on how a client will work, live, and play in their space. Understanding our clients “Activities” helps us design superior AV systems that make sense and match ease of operation. Our employees are equipped with the best tools and training available. We have taken a synergetic department approach, so your client manager is not the same person as your designer, installer, service manager or programmer. Keeping the departments separate enables us to maximize quality and maintain client expectations. We prefer to keep product discussion to a minimum and focus on how to find the best solution for our client’s budget and space.

We believe in continuous improvements of our products, processes and services. We intend to be viewed as the value leader by consistently exceeding the expectations of our clients. This is the best way to provide a challenging work environment for our employees, a desirable business relationship for our suppliers and an acceptable rate of return for our clients.

Our Services


The veins to your home automation system. Prewire starts at the beginning of construction for your Austin, TX property.

AV Distribution

Distribute all of your audio and video sources from a single closet space.


Control your space with minimal effort, or without touching anything at all.


Set the mood for your home with custom scenes and automated scheduling.


Lutron shades regulate the amount of light that enters a room and provide privacy without sacrificing the view.

Climate Control

Centralize all of your thermostats to all be controlled with touch panels or your iPad.


Secure your peace of mind and sense of safety with cameras recording 24/7.


Build a strong network for your home or workplace, and stay connected

Meet anytime, anywhere with your friends, family, clients and business partners.

Video Walls

Create the ultimate media room for entertaining, or a great display for your business.

Media Room

create a custom room for the best entertaining experience your family and friends can enjoy.

Home Theater

HD 4K projection, 120"+ screens, 7.1 cinema grade surround sound, custom seating. What more?

Outdoor Living

Summertime by the pool grilling with music, or Fall by the fire pit for smores? Why not both?


Additional accessories for any system can add that extra aesthetic touch to any space.

Surge Protection

Protect you investment from the elements with the proper equipment. It's a smart move. We promise.

System Monitoring

The best option for system management. Contract us to constantly monitor your system for any issues.


All of our standard services come with a 90 Day Workmanship warranty, and a 1 Year Manufacturer's warranty upon installation. Ensure that the investment you have made into your business or home is well protected and serviced for life by opting for our premium services. We offer surge protection, and annually contracted full system monitoring.