Meet Our Award Winning Team

Founded in 2003, Service Tech in Austin, TX focused more on how a client will work, live, and play in their space. Understanding our clients “Activities” helps us design superior AV systems that make sense and match ease of operation. Our employees are equipped with the best tools and training available. We have taken a synergetic department approach, so your client manager is not the same person as your designer, installer, service manager or programmer. Keeping the departments separate enables us to maximize quality and maintain client expectations. We prefer to keep product discussion to a minimum and focus on how to find the best solution for our client’s budget and space.

We believe in continuous improvements of our products, processes and services. We intend to be viewed as the value leader by consistently exceeding the expectations of our clients. This is the best way to provide a challenging work environment for our employees, a desirable business relationship for our suppliers and an acceptable rate of return for our clients.

Recent Awards