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by the Texas Department of Public Safety

Chris Pearson | Licensed Professional

Essential technology for peace of mind

You awaken: is there something outside? Before your feet hit the slippers, you've checked the security system on your iPad. With one touch, you check the camera on the porch. Nothing but the neighbor's cat, again. Just to be sure, another touch, and every outside light turns on. You return to bed, and sleep soundly. In the morning, the news reports a storm hitting your vacation home. Using your tablet again, you make sure everything there is safe. The cameras show snow, the house temperature is set at 60 degrees, there's no water in the basement, and everything is secure. Your integrated security system protects your family and your belongings.

Safe and secure in an uncertain world

From door locks that email or text when used or unused, to security cameras you can access from anywhere in the world, your smart home is a safe home. Check your front porch for packages. Let your spouse in when keys are forgotten. See who's at the front door without even getting up from the couch. A security system fully integrated with a home automation system means your family's well being has never been more secure.

We've got you covered


Network security cameras allow you to monitor your home or office from any TV, or from any smart phone or tablet.

Mobile Access

Forget to set the alarm, or think you might have forgotten? Don't take the risk. Your mobile device can activate the system

iPhoneX copy

Lighting Integration

With one touch you activate the security alarm and all the lights come on.


Smart Locks

Smart locks don't need keys, and can notify you when they're used or unused during programmed times.

Touch Panels | Full System Access

View security cameras with ease from your touch panel or iPad. Have gate entries set with cameras to show who is requesting access when the button at the gate is pressed. Get alerts to your mobile when intruders come into the camera's view point. Their are many possibilities to having a highly secure system right at your fingertips.