We’ll Walk You through a Day with this Luxurious Home Experience 

We’ve written before about the power of automated lighting and shades, but you can take these technologies and others to a new realm of luxury with home automation and smart control. With a simple tap of your finger, you can operate your entire Austin, TX home in mere seconds. You’ll be able to turn on or dim lights, lock your front door, arm the alarm system, and stream your favorite music stations with a simple button press.  

With Crestron home automation, your smart devices become smarter than ever. Keep reading below to enjoy a dayinthelife look at what you can experience with smart home control. 

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Good Morning 

Your Austin home begins to wake up before you do. Motorized blinds open to let dappled sunlight into the bedroom, easing you gently into the day ahead. Press the “Good Morning” button on your bedside touchscreen or smartphone to have smart lighting brighten and your whole-home audio system begin playing your preferred news network.  

As you get briefed on the latest news, you finish getting dressed, and you make your way to the kitchen. Pathways are lit softly to light the way. Once you’re in the kitchen, you can begin making breakfast for the family. 

Live Comfortably 

If you’re one of the Texans that transitioned to remote work in the last year, you can make your way to your home office area to begin the workday. Smart, human-centric lighting will transition throughout the day to support your natural circadian rhythms – bright and mimicking sunlight early in the day to help you focus, then dimming to a warm amber glow into the evening to help you relax.  

A professional-grade home network keeps you connected all day, with no dropped voice or video conference calls on the agenda. Your children’s e-learning activities stay connected throughout the day, too, without a buffering educational video in sight.  

If you’ve gone back into the office for work, your home will still work for you even while you’re away for the day. Tap the “Away” scene on your smart device to arm your security system, lower motorized shades for privacy, and turn on exterior lighting so it won’t be dark when you come home from work. 


Once dinner is made, the entire family can make their way to the dedicated home theater for an impromptu movie night. Tap a “Movies” button on a custom wall-keypad that matches your interior décor in order to cue up your AV setup. Your 4K ultra-highdefinition projector lowers from the ceiling as the lightrejecting rollaway projection screens lowers into view. Lights turn off, and the surround sound system turns on, ready to blow the entire family away with an action-packed car chase scene.  

After the movie, as everyone heads to bed at the end of the day, you can press the “Goodnight” scene. The alarm system arms itself, interior lights turn off, smart locks automatically lock, and additional exterior lighting turns on to deter potential thieves.  


While what we described above may seem like a futuristic scenario, it’s possible to achieve this in your Austin home now! Contact us today to get started on your very own home automation system so that you can add this incredible aspect of technology to your lifestyle!