Stunning Images and Riveting Audio Place You in the Center of the Action 

The last year has brought about several changes to the way Austinites enjoy their downtime. Most of us have increased the time we spend in our homes by transitioning into a remote work and e-learning environment. This makes it more difficult to wind down at the end of a long day. Having a separate space to relax, outside of your home office and living space, is imperative in this day and age.  

Instead of sliding your work laptop to the edge of the coffee table for a night in, why not transform a portion of your Austin, TX home into a personal movie, gaming, and TV oasis? 

New or upgraded home theater systems ensure that your next night of entertaining is truly immersive, relaxing, and a joy to experience whether you’re relaxing after work or any time of day. 

Keep reading below to learn how home theater systems can change the way you experience entertainment.  

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A New Definition of Date Night 

The traditional date idea that included dinner and a movie has shifted away from a night out on the town into ordering dinner through a food delivery app and cueing up Netflix for a binge-night session or movie marathon. Instead of trying to create a romantic ambiance in the same space you take videoconference calls on your laptop, convert your Austin-area space to include a personal home theater experience.  

And if you’re not interested in movie night with your partner or kids, you can still use this dedicated space for your favorite activities. Watching the big game or playing video games are both on the menu for entertainment, or you can turn on nature scenes and sounds to help you enter a relaxed state of mind while doing yoga.   

The Experience 

You’ll be able to immerse yourself into the action of car chase scenes, party montages, and heart-pounding dialogue with just a tap of your finger on a Crestron touchscreen remote, an on-wall keypad, touchscreen, or smartphone. You can change the space to suit your needs.  

Automated shading will lower to block out ambient light. Expertly placed sound-diffusion panels and plush seating ensure the audio is perfect without distortion or sound reflection due to the room’s furnishings.  

Smart lighting will dim to prevent glare on the TV or projection screen, yet pathway lighting will stay on so you and your family can still make a safe visit to the kitchen for a snack refill. High-performance AV solutions will cue up the correct video source at the perfect volume for whatever activity you choose to engage in – gaming or watching sports, movies, and TV shows.  

Make It Happen for Your Home 

The expert team at Service Tech will assess your home theater space and design a system suited to meet your family’s audio and video needs. Connect with us using our online consultation form or chat with us at the bottom of your browser. We look forward to working with you!