Home Networking Solutions Improve Remote Work & Home Entertainment 

Take a moment to think of how many connected devices you have in your home. You likely have smartphones, gaming consoles, smart lighting, your work computer, tablets, and your home automation system, to name a few. According to McKinsey Digital, 127 new devices connect to the Internet every second. The essential device in your Lakeway, TX home, though, is your router! 

The foundation of your smart home’s connectivity is home networking. With a new or upgraded home network, you ensure every device runs precisely as it should without a buffering symbol or dropped Zoom call in sight, both indoors and outside. 

Scroll on below to learn how a new or upgraded home network can improve the way you work and entertain at home. 

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Why Networking Matters 

Many of us made the difficult shift to spending more time at home at some point over the last 12 months. With the transition came the painful realization that our home network wasn’t everything our ISP (Internet Service Provider) purported it to be. With everyone trying to connect simultaneously, lag and disconnections were bound to happen more frequently. 

A good connection requires more than fast speeds from ISPs, thoughRouters and wireless access points must be placed in strategic locations to avoid interference from appliances and signal-blocking materials – for example, metallic furnishings could degrade a Wi-Fi signal. Other stationary systems with heavy bandwidth needs, such as your remote working desktop computer, gaming, or home theater setups, would benefit from wired ethernet connections for increased stability.  

Think of your internet connection as I-35 during rush hour. Service Tech specializes in commercial-grade networking solutions that can intelligently redirect device traffic, assigning high-priority devices to the fast lane and lower-priority devices to the right-hand lane. All of your devices connect when needed, but those with high bandwidth needs are prioritized to the fast lane.  

Work from Home 

A reliable and secure connection is imperative so that everyone in your Lakeway-area home can connect – and stay connected – when it matters most. There’s an increased demand on your network’s bandwidth due to additional smart devices trying to connect throughout the day. With an upgraded home networking service, you’ll remain on the video chat during a big sale with an important client without experiencing embarrassing lag. 

Increased security protocols will ensure confidential work data is kept protected from potential cyber hackers, plus outdoor wireless access points will let you take your laptop outside to work on the patio when the weather is nice. 

Entertainment with No Issues 

While you’re on critical video conferencing calls for work, your partner will be able to stream their favorite Hulu show at the same time while they’re taking a lunch break without experiencing staccato playback. The kids will also be able to connect to at-home e-learning videos during the day or listen to their favorite music on your multi-room audio system with ease. 

Once the workday is over, you’ll want to relax in your custom home theater or media space. With a strong network connection, you’ll be able to tap a button on your Crestron or Savant remote to have your entire home respond in mere seconds. With a button press, interior lighting will shift to a warm amber hue to help you wind down mentally, automatic shades will lower to provide privacy, and your entertainment setup with cue up Netflix or Disney+ so you can catch up on your favorite shows. 


Though it works tirelessly in the background, your networking is the foundation of all of your Texas home’s technology. Connect with our award-winning team here to schedule a no-obligation consultation for your property.