Brilliant Innovation That Culminates into a Beautiful Home 

Whether you’re baking a cake worthy of a Star Baker prize in The Great British Baking Show in your kitchen or reading the latest bestseller in the living room, the lighting in your house plays a huge part in the look and feel of your home.  

Bright lighting is required when completing intricate tasks in the kitchen, but natural sunlight or brighter artificial light is necessary to read the text on the page easily. With just a tap of a finger on a smart device, you can completely change the lighting based on your needs. 

We’ve written before about the health and safety benefits of Lutron lighting. In this blog, we’ll explain three ways that the incorporation of smart lighting in your West Lake Hills-area home can make life more comfortable and convenient. Keep reading below! 

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Intuitive Lighting Control 

With a simple tap of a finger on your preferred device – smartphone, touchscreen, on-wall custom-etched keypad, or remote – you can adjust the lighting within your smart home. You can also incorporate an astronomical clock to create the perfect lighting scene that reflects the natural sunlight outdoors, with blue tones in the morning to help you stay productive and orange and red tones in the evening to help you wind down and relax. This shift in color temperature can happen automatically on a designated smart program, or you can adjust it throughout the day to suit your productivity needs with the press of a button. 

Change the Look & Feel of Home 

You take efforts curating the perfect décor and interior furnishings that are stylish yet comfortable, so it’s important to showcase everything in the best light possible. On game day, adjust the color of the lighting in your media room to shine burnt orange or blue and silver.  

Ketra lighting, acquired by Lutron in 2018, has the unique ability to adjust vibrancy. This lighting feature is solely available with Ketra, and it makes white lighting reflect off of objects in precisely the way you want it to. This ensures your paintings and sculpture pieces pop as the artist originally intended for a truly breathtaking experience. 

Works Well with Other Devices 

As a Lutron Black Diamond Dealer, our engineers are experts in incorporating lighting and home automation into one comprehensive and easytouse system. Programmed smart scenes can include multiple home devices, so tapping a button makes your entire home respond in seconds!  

Tap the “Goodnight” button and automatic shading will lower to provide privacy, interior lighting will turn off, exterior lighting will turn on for security, and your alarm system will arm itself. A “Good Morning” scene raises roller shades so that natural sunlight assists in waking you, interior lighting will brighten gradually, and your multi-room audio system begins playing your favorite station as you prepare for the day ahead. 

At Service Tech, we’ve worked with Lutron lighting products for 15 years – lighting control, shading, and fixtures – and we trust the brand with our clients’ Austin-area homes wholeheartedly.


Connect with us here to get started on a no-obligation lighting consultation. We’d love to help you show off your home in a brand-new light!