Backyard view of a home with a pool and interior lights on at dusk.

Create Personalized Lighting Scenes for Every Mood

Enjoy Beauty, Ease of Living, and the Perfect Environment with Lutron Lighting

Lutron began some 60 years ago when its founder invented the first solid-state dimmer. Since then, this technology-centered company has advanced automated lighting while maintaining the top position in the market. Their products and light controls are found in well-known buildings like the White House, Windsor Castle, and the Guggenheim Museum.

Lutron lighting controls are also found in homes throughout Austin, TX. Let’s explore their features and why they’ve remained at the pinnacle of their industry for all this time.

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A close-up of part of a room lit by pink, purple, and blue LED lights with a flat-screen TV and an in-wall speaker.

Lutron Lighting Brings Beauty, Elegance, and Fun to Your Home

Set the Mood for Every Occasion with Millions of Colors of Light

There was a time when our lights consisted of soft or bright white lights. We flipped a switch, and they turned on and off. In some areas, we were fortunate to have dimmers, enabling us to create a more relaxed or task-oriented environment. 

As Bob Dylan sang, “The times they are a-changin’.”

At Service Tech, we specialize in automated lighting and high-performance home entertainment, creating beautiful spaces that are effortless to control and enjoyable. To accomplish this, we partner with industry leaders like Lutron. 

Lutron lighting defines best-in-class standards. In 2018, they acquired Ketra, a company responsible for revolutionizing LED lighting, enabling us to effortlessly control this advanced lighting system and forever changing how we light our homes in Austin, TX. 

Let’s explore the many benefits of a Lutron lighting system. 

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Bedroom with nightstand lamps dimly lit and motorized shades down.

Lutron Lighting Saves Energy without Sacrificing Control & Beauty

Consider These Eco-Friendly Lighting Options

Does it surprise you to learn that eco-friendly light fixtures can be beautiful and sophisticated? Lutron believes that you should be able to have both. Since 1961, they have been offering elegant lighting control solutions that save energy and money for consumers. With Lutron, you can have beauty and be environmentally friendly all at once.

In addition to saving energy, Lutron's lighting controls provide comfort and convenience to homeowners through their programmable features. Continue reading to learn more about Lutron's eco-friendly options for your Lakeway, TX, home.

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Learn Why Lutron Is at the Top of The Lighting Game

Brilliant Innovation That Culminates into a Beautiful Home 

Whether you’re baking a cake worthy of a Star Baker prize in The Great British Baking Show in your kitchen or reading the latest bestseller in the living room, the lighting in your house plays a huge part in the look and feel of your home.  

Bright lighting is required when completing intricate tasks in the kitchen, but natural sunlight or brighter artificial light is necessary to read the text on the page easily. With just a tap of a finger on a smart device, you can completely change the lighting based on your needs. 

We’ve written before about the health and safety benefits of Lutron lighting. In this blog, we’ll explain three ways that the incorporation of smart lighting in your West Lake Hills-area home can make life more comfortable and convenient. Keep reading below! Read more