The Ketra by Lutron Lighting System Turns any Home into a Luxury.

Though we may not consciously be aware of it, the light in our space directly impacts our mood and productivity. But it’s often difficult to find the right balance of natural and artificial light. With many traditional incandescent bulbs, it’s impossible to customize the brightness and color temperature. A smart home lighting system can change that. Here are four reasons you should add Ketra LED fixtures to your Lutron lighting system in your Austin, TX, home.

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Health and Wellness

Ketra by Lutron uses LED technology to create light that mimics natural sunlight and shifts with the sun. Humans evolved for hundreds of years along with the sun’s light, so we tend to be the happiest and most productive in environments lit by natural light. Natural light and light that mimics natural light can boost mental wellbeing, productivity, and overall health and happiness.

Set the Mood for any Occasion

With an LED lighting system, you change the color and brightness of your lights at the touch of a button. Whether hosting an elegant dinner party or watching a football game with friends, you can customize your lights to set the mood in any room. Additionally, Ketra’s Color Lock feature will preserve the brightness of your colored lights throughout the light’s lifespan.

Save Energy

Did you know LEDs are more energy efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs? Lighting your home with LEDs can save you money and decrease your home’s carbon footprint. In addition to using LEDs, smart home lighting systems give you remote control over and the ability to automate your lights.

For example, you can schedule your lights to turn off when you leave for work. Or if you leave the house and forget to turn off the bedroom light, no worries, you can turn it off remotely. Smart home lighting systems ensure only the lights you need are on at any given moment, cutting down on your overall electricity usage.


Automation and remote control of your lights allow you to turn your lights on and off even when you’re not home. Having your lights turn on and off makes it appear that someone is home, even if you are away. This function can prevent your home from being targeted for intrusion, keeping your home safe.


By integrating Ketra lights with Lutron, it’s easier than ever to control your lights. No more struggling to get the right amount of light in a space or forgetting to turn off the lights. Instead, control your lights with ease and enjoy the added benefit of automated light schedules.

Enjoy the control, security, aesthetic and health benefits of a Lutron lighting system. Contact Service Tech today to get started lighting your dream Austin, TX, home.