Clean, Continuous Energy is Critical to the Performance and Durability of Smart Home Electronics

Home automation is transforming our everyday lives. From lighting that automatically shifts through the day to our favorite playlists streaming throughout our home and yard, it’s a life made easier and more enjoyable.

Many consider a solid home network the backbone of these homes. After all, all of your smart home devices communicate with each other and the home automation system via the internet.

But if we take a deeper look, we realize that there’s something even more critical to our home’s operation and management. It’s the energy that sustains it and powers all of our electrical devices. So to keep their smart homes operational 24/7, no matter the weather or electrical grid conditions, Austin, TX, homeowners are turning to an energy storage system.

Let’s explore what these systems offer.

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Why Do Smart Homes Need Power Management?

Many of today’s smart home systems, such as lighting, entertainment, and security, rely on microprocessors. These processors are extremely sensitive and susceptible to power inconsistencies.

Creating a power plan protects a homeowner’s smart home products, ensuring they last and function at their peak performance. At Service Tech, we partner with industry-leading brands in home automation. In the world of energy storage systems, that brand is RoseWater Energy. In 2019, they developed an energy storage system that revolutionized what’s possible.

The HUB SB20 can provide backup electricity for a whole home while protecting against natural disturbances, such as lightning, and utility disruptions that are becoming all too common. The system also provides clean power regardless of the source. The developers modeled a system that could be used by those in the military and telecommunications fields, where protection against power loss is critical.

CEPro reported on a homeowner who, after having a HUB SB20 in place for seven months, found an 85% reduction rate in the integrator’s service calls because he was no longer having to address fixing something due to power glitches.

What are the Benefits of an Energy Storage System?

RoseWater’s energy storage systems provide 100% pure sine wave, clean energy that enhances the performance of home electronics. This energy is of higher quality than your utility provider, optimizing the performance and durability of smart home components, like high-quality audio-video equipment and entertainment systems, lighting control systems, networking components, and many more.

The extensive battery backup enables homeowners to endure brownouts and power failures with uninterrupted power. It also easily integrates with solar and generator power. This complete all-in-one system offers energy backup, renewable energy management, power conditioning, and a grid alternative power option.

More than a surge protector, it eliminates outages and micro interruptions. We all remember the 2021 power crisis that swept through Texas as one storm after another pummeled the state. Over 4.5 million homes were left without power in freezing temperatures. A high-quality energy management system can ensure ultra-reliable, continuous, clean power.

At Service Tech, we provide customized home automation and audio-video solutions designed to enhance our clients’ daily lives. To learn more about energy management systems or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Service Tech today.