Your West Lake Hills-Area Home Needs This Fun, Innovative Lighting Brand

Whether you walk into a home or a business, the lighting tells you a story and helps you feel at ease and welcome wherever you go. A restaurant that’s too bright can feel industrial and off-putting, making finishing your lunch an uncomfortable experience. Similarly, stepping into someone’s home that’s too dark can feel uninviting, making you wonder what’s creeping around the too-dim corner.

As an interior lighting design specialist, Service Tech loves helping homeowners tell their own unique stories. We bring highly-innovative new brands to homeowners in West Lake Hills and the greater Austin, TX region. That’s why DMF Lighting gets us so excited! Scroll below to learn more about what this lighting brand has to offer luxury smart homes like yours.

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Modular Lighting

Imagine mixing and matching fixtures so that your design tastes can truly stand out. Many homeowners are wary of technology, and they think gadgets will overwhelm their homes once they add programming and automation. Nothing could be further from the truth when you incorporate smart lighting control and modular DMF fixtures into your living spaces.

DMF’s Plug & Play LED modules have integrated drivers, so there’s no need to call in an electrician or worry about rewiring when your lighting needs to change for a room in your Central Texas home. Modules, trims, and optics are interchangeable, too, so installation and project changes are always a breeze with the Service Tech lighting design team.

Options Abound

You can choose a fixture from the DCC Cylinder System for a versatile pendant option that has advanced DMF LED modules at its core. Enjoy style with superior color rendition, multiple lumens, and several beam options.

A full range of beam options allows homeowners to create ambient light for an entire room, uplights and downlights for artwork and hallways, or spotlighting for architectural details of your home’s interior. DMF products let Austinites transform their home with 1% dimming and up to 1,250 lumens without losing the 93+ CRI natural, true-to-life lighting for realistic colors.

Warm Dim Technology

Perhaps one of the most exciting features you can add to your interior lighting design is DMF’s Warm Dim technology. With it, you add flexibility to any room. Vibrant, full-spectrum lighting in the home office can do wonders for productivity. Then in the evenings, the same lighting technology can shift to a warm, comfortable color that’s reminiscent of candlelight.

Lighting Design Is What We Do

Service Tech is here for you for all of your lighting design and smart home needs! Chat with us below, or connect with us here to start a conversation about your home’s future – we can’t wait to help you transform your home.