Add a ceiling fan by Big Ass Fans to your outdoor space to make it more comfortable and enjoyable

Ceiling fans provide excellent cooling properties and are commonly used inside homes. But did you know you can also add them to outdoor spaces?

A ceiling fan can offer numerous benefits on your patio or porch. The most prominent ones are  its hassle-free installation and seamless temperature control. Outdoor fans improve airflow so that your outdoor space stays cool even on hot days. Moreover, the fans come in various designs, so you can also add to the aesthetics. The best part is that they keep mosquitoes and flies at bay, making it the ultimate outdoor solution.

Another reason outdoor fans are feasible is that they remain unaffected by environmental conditions. You don’t need to worry about the fans rusting or corroding.

Big Ass Fans is a leading brand that produces outdoor fans for residential and commercial spaces. Read on to discover how outdoor ceiling fans by Big Ass Fans can make your home in Lakeway, TX, more comfortable.

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Intuitive Technology

Big Ass Fans offers innovative technology and premium fans different from conventional solutions. They offer temperature control and regulation through the SenseMe Technology in the i6 model. They produce airflow without creating noise, and the sensors help maintain the temperature.

The fans will produce the perfect amount of air and cooling, regardless of the weather conditions, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space even more. The best part is that they also come with easy control options that can be customized to match your requirements.


If you want a ceiling fan that offers aesthetics without compromising the functionality, consider adding Big Ass Fans’ Haiku. The award-winning product can be controlled via remotes and offers unparalleled beauty.

The fan comes in eight beautiful finishes to match the décor of your outdoor space. Its unique design is not all that makes it worth buying. The outdoor fan also makes your home energy-efficient because of the brushless DC motor. Like the i6 model, Haiku also comes with the SenseMe technology, making it a complete package.

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