Eliminate harmful elements and unpleasant odors from your home

Air pollution is a common issue in the US. Most people think they are breathing cleaner air if they are inside their homes, but often indoor air quality is even worse. Indoor air isn’t circulated as much, making it easier for harmful elements to pile up.

That’s where air filters come in. You can use air purifiers to eliminate harmful elements from inside your home, thus, leaving you with fresh and clean air. Helios is a top brand that offers HEPA air purifiers perfect for smart homes.

Read on to discover the essential benefits of adding a Helios air purifier for your home in Austin, TX.

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Eliminates Viruses

Air is the perfect medium for viruses and disease-causing germs harmful to your health. Even if you open the windows for ventilation, it doesn’t eliminate the risk of air-borne diseases inside your home. That’s why air filters are needed to purify indoor air. Helios uses HEPA air filters that can kill almost 99.99% of particles in the air using cutting-edge technology. Even if some harmful elements are left behind, they are immediately killed off by the UV-C disinfection system.

Noiseless Operation

The best part about using Helios air purifiers is that they do not create a constant noise that may annoy you. Even though all purifiers have heavy fans, these use EC motors which make them energy-efficient and noiseless in operation. For maximum comfort, there are silencers integrated into air outlets and inlets. Moreover, the acoustically optimized casing also acts as a noise insulator.

Simple Control

Another reason why Helios air purifiers are perfect for smart homes is because of their simplified control. You can have complete access to the filter’s functionality using touch-sensitive control panels or even your smartphone.

You can adjust the settings and improve your smart home’s ventilation with a single touch of your fingers. The best part is that you can even have remote access to the air purification system. One tap and your air filters will run and clean the air before you reach home.


The cleaner air does more than eliminate viruses. It also gets rid of unpleasant odors and common allergens, creating a more comfortable environment for the entire family and improving your family’s sleep cycle.

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