pool table with interior chandelier lighting overhead and a western portrait on the wall

The Next Generation of Interior Lighting Design Includes DMF Lighting

Your West Lake Hills-Area Home Needs This Fun, Innovative Lighting Brand

Whether you walk into a home or a business, the lighting tells you a story and helps you feel at ease and welcome wherever you go. A restaurant that’s too bright can feel industrial and off-putting, making finishing your lunch an uncomfortable experience. Similarly, stepping into someone’s home that’s too dark can feel uninviting, making you wonder what’s creeping around the too-dim corner.

As an interior lighting design specialist, Service Tech loves helping homeowners tell their own unique stories. We bring highly-innovative new brands to homeowners in West Lake Hills and the greater Austin, TX region. That’s why DMF Lighting gets us so excited! Scroll below to learn more about what this lighting brand has to offer luxury smart homes like yours.

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