Architects and Builders Need a Lighting Design Partner for Superior Projects

No matter where your client is in the design or construction process, you want to provide them with a best-in-class final product. For builders, that means superior craftsmanship; for architects, that means jaw-dropping design details that offer both form and function throughout a space.

To take your projects to a new echelon of excellence, consider partnering with a home lighting design company like Service Tech! Keep reading below to learn why lighting design is essential for your projects and see how we helped a local design firm with their lighting needs!

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What is Lighting Design?

Whether it’s for a residential or business space, lighting design can change the way you experience a room, and it even affects your mood. For builders and architects wanting to assist their clients with crafting the perfect home, partnering with a lighting design expert is essential whether you’re working on new construction, retrofit, or interior design projects. Dark rooms with oversized furniture and drapes can feel overwhelming. Large banks of windows paired with too-bright lighting, vibrant colors, and metallic sculptures can make your eyes squint due to reflective glares!

Imagine, instead, walking into a space and it working in your favor. In the office, bright, cool-toned white light can increase your energy, leaving you feeling ready to tackle the day ahead instead of feeling rundown after lunch. At home, warm, amber tones in the evening can signal your brain to wind down and relax. Making your clients’ Central Texas space feel more inviting makes them happy!


Service Tech in the News

As the leading commercial and home lighting expert in Austin, TX, we have the opportunity to flex our design muscles on unique estates and workspaces regularly. We’re honored to have recently won the 2021 DMF Design Award for Best DCC Cylinder Application. With the DCC2 and DCC4 Adjustable Cylinders, we achieved a stunning lighting experience for the award-winning Britt Design Group.


Sleek & Elegant Lighting Design

Precise illumination throughout a space creates an aesthetic that is elegant and maximizes employee productivity. The fixed DCC2 cylinders have no visible hardware, so a minimalist look was created with stem and cord mounts that hang from the ceiling. The image at the top of this blog shows sleek black and white fixtures that offer overhead lighting. Under-cabinet task lighting makes working on fine details much easier on the eyes. In the hallway, adjustable DCC4 LED cylinders light up walkways and illuminate artwork in the waiting areas.


If you’re a builder or an architect looking to take your projects to new heights, connect with us using our online form to get started or chat with us at the bottom of your screen. We can’t wait to partner with you!