Change the Way You Experience Your Home with Architectural Lighting 

With a foundation in both science and art, architectural lighting incorporates natural and synthetic lighting into a building’s aesthetic in an energy-efficient way. As the leading Austin-area lighting designer, Service Tech is proud to bring innovative ideas to high-rise condos downtown to sprawling estates in the Hill Country.  

Your home should be shown in its best light – no matter the time of day! Scroll below to learn more about architectural lighting design and how it can genuinely elevate your Texas lifestyle. 

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What is Architectural Lighting? 

Imagine form and function coming together into one harmonious technology solution. Your home looks amazing, you feel energized or relaxed depending on the time of day, and you’re able to reduce your energy expenditure by virtue of smart LED lighting solutions. Unnecessary glare on TV screens, fabrics, or artwork is a thing of the past with expertly placed fixtures and the perfect brightness settings.  


Types of Lighting 

Beyond selecting beautiful fixtures and adding smart LED lighting capabilities, the combination of different types of lighting can change the way you experience and operate within your home. Ambient indoor lighting from ceiling-mounted fixtures or downlights illuminates living spaces. Undercabinet task lighting in the kitchen can brighten the counter space so you can safely prepare meals, and it can also enhance your reading nook so you’re not straining your eyes. Accent lighting can accentuate points of interest in your home, such as tall, dramatic ceilings, hallways, or artwork.  

Beyond these types of lighting, our professional lighting experts can integrate your lighting system with the rest of your smart home. A simple tap of your finger on your preferred smart device or on-wall keypad will illuminate a single lamp or an entire floor of your home. 


Why Work with Service Tech? 

An expert architectural lighting designer like Service Tech weaves all the aforementioned lighting elements together into one comprehensive design that blankets your entire Austin-area home – indoors and outside. The team will assess your space and ask you how you want to use your space; then, they’ll design a holistic solution considering factors such as your budget, lighting standards, lighting pollution, and more.  

To learn more about the latest trends in architectural lighting design, be sure to follow our Facebook page! And if you’re ready to explore the possibilities this smart home solution can bring to your Austin space, connect with us here to get started.