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Austin living is fun and exciting. If you’re outdoorsy, you have several state parks within a few hours’ drive nearby. If you’re a fan of the nightlife, simply go downtown any night of the week for a good time. If you enjoy culture, you can take a field trip throughout history in any one of the museums or cultural centers sprinkled throughout the Texas Hill Country.

What about your own home, though? Have you considered the fun and exciting ways you can improve your property? There’s no reason to leave the house for fun or excitement when you’ve upgraded your lighting design.

Keep reading below to learn how a professional lighting designer can bring this cool, modern home solution to your living spaces.

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Tunable Lighting

The high-performance, energy-efficient LED bulbs can brighten a room in bright, blue-white tones that energize you throughout the day, then shift gradually into warm, amber-hued light as the day winds down into nighttime. This shift mimics that of the sun outdoors, and it helps support your natural circadian rhythms while you spend time indoors. Removing blue hues at bedtime can improve your sleep, so you can rest easy with this innovative tunable lighting feature.


Complements Your Style

Whether you live in a high-rise downtown or on the outskirts of town, lighting can change the way you experience your property. Strategically placed downlights and uplights can highlight architectural features of your home like archways, hallways, and high ceilings.

Stunning hanging fixtures can show off your artistic side while also illuminating your entry or bedroom. Artwork is shown as the artist intended without glare or muted illumination. No matter your design tastes, lighting can accentuate them all. And the best part of incorporating new, smarter lighting into your home? One-touch control over all of your fixtures with beautiful custom-designed wall keypads, remotes, and touchscreens.


Local Lighting Design

Working with the professional lighting design team at Service Tech gives the luxury of unique and modern lighting schemes throughout your home without the stress. Giving your home that “Keep Austin Weird” feel doesn’t need to be a chaotic or unorganized endeavor.

Founded in 2003, our lighting design team dedicates itself to understanding our clients’ needs. Each team member is an expert in their field, whether it’s planning, programming, designing, or installation – Even Charlie, Buddy, and Tucker are pros in their respective fields.


If you’re ready to discuss the possibilities that innovative lighting design can bring to your Central Texas property, connect with us now using our contact form. We can’t wait to shine a light on everything you can do with lighting!