Coastal Source Landscape Lighting & Control Make Outdoor Living More Enjoyable

Taking the load off after a long day doesn’t need to bring its own set of frustrations. Too-bright spotlights that attract bugs or make you squint while trying to talk with friends are a thing of the past once you decide to incorporate landscape lighting into your West Lake Hills-area backyard.

One-tap control of every fixture across your entire property is possible with one of our favorite brand partners, Coastal Source. Keep scrolling below to learn how adding a landscape lighting control system to your Texas backyard will change the way you experience your next pool party or friendly outdoor get-together.

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Automated Control

Imagine your Austin-area home illuminating once the sun begins to set. Path lights accentuate walkways, while tree lights offer downlighting for a fun aesthetic. Hanging fixtures can add a whimsical feel, while bullet lights provide both tight and wide lighting opportunities throughout the yard.

Not only will your guests easily be able to navigate your backyard spaces, but a well-lit property deters potential thieves, too. No matter how robust your alarm system claims to be, a home cased in darkness remains an easier target for burglars compared to a home washed in lighting once the sun goes down.


On-Demand Modifications

Besides automatically turning on at dusk and off at sunrise, your landscape lighting control system can adjust with the simple tap of your finger with pre-programmed scenes. These automated scenes will combine multiple smart device responses into one action. For example, a “Pool Party” scene lights up the entire pool and spa area, tunes your outdoor speaker system to your favorite streaming Spotify playlist, and fires up your Séura outdoor TV.

You can also adjust the lighting in different zones of your yard, so you can easily turn off the lights in the outdoor kitchen and brighten the areas by the pool with just a tap of your finger! Simply pull out your smartphone to brighten, dim, turn on and turn off areas of your property as you see fit.


The Service Tech team is proud to bring innovative lighting installations to the Greater Austin area. If you’re ready to bring the functionality and beauty of outdoor lighting to your property in West Lake Hills, connect with us here to get started. We can’t wait to help you shine a light on the possibilities!