3 Ways Retractable Outdoor Screens Can Improve Your Austin-Area Backyard 

Insects, especially mosquitos, are vectors for various diseases such as West Nile Virus and malaria – plus, they’re a nuisance with their buzzing and itchy bites and stings. In the summer months especially, insects can make spending time outdoors in Texas almost unbearable. 

To make your Austin-area backyard spaces more enjoyable, you can incorporate motorized bug screens. Despite the name, these automated screens do much more than preventing insects from buzzing around you. Scroll on below to learn three ways outdoor screens can improve your lifestyle not only this summer but year-round as well! 

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Extend Your Livable Space 

No matter the size of your Austin home, it’s always nice to step outside to enjoy the fresh air, read a book, enjoy a meal, or take a video conference call on the back porch. Extending your living areas to your outdoor space is possible with clear vinyl retractable screens by our brand partner, Phantom Screens. 

Adding more usable square footage to your covered deck area makes the Texas heat bearable by slowing the dissipation of cooler conditioned air. During the winter months, heat is retained in the enclosed spaces, too, so you’ll have the ultimate entertainment spot for all of your family and friends, no matter the time of year. 


Reduce Heat and Sun 

Summer doesn’t officially begin until June 21st, but we’re already seeing temperatures in the mid-to-high 90s. Sun protection is a significant concern for any family, especially those with small children, so having an option to reduce exposure to harmful UV rays while providing shade is a great feature of motorized bug screens. 

You can even add clear vinyl screens to a dual roller screen system, pairing the wind and rain blocking vinyl functionality with a mesh screen that prevents bugs, provides UV protection, and gives you the option for fresh air at the tap of a button. 


Integrate Into Your Smart Home System 

Because motorized screens and awnings work with home automation systems, you can program smart scenes incorporating several device actions into one response. For example, press the “Outdoor Party” scene to turn on string lights along the patio and amongst the trees, tune into your favorite streaming music station, and lower the bug screen for a fun evening outdoors with the perfect ambiance and ample privacy from neighbors. 


To bring the comfort and style of motorized bug screens and awnings to your Austin-area space, connect with us here to start the conversation. We look forward to hearing from you!