Luxury Technology Solutions Elevate Your Lifestyle at the Tap of a Button 

Once a Savant smart home system is installed by the professionals at Service Tech, Lakeway-area homeowners need to take time to thoroughly learn and understand the immense power their new automation system has at the simple press of a button. 

Of course, our team will walk you through any questions you may ever have! But in this blog, we want to introduce a robust video tutorial resource available on our website. It’s available 24/7/365 as a visual aide to assist you with the basic – and not so basic – features available in your Savant smart home.  

Scroll below to watch tutorials for three common questions we receive from our Texas clients or view the complete video FAQ series here to learn more about your Sonos, Nest, Savant, or Lutron systems. 

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It’s Game Day – How Do I Watch Multiple Games at Once? 

Whether you’re a college game day fan or a newshound, the ability to watch multiple video sources simultaneously is a must-have feature for any smart home’s media room. Savant’s video tiling feature can tune into nine different video sources at the same time, and with the press of a finger, you can switch between the audio of each, adjust the visual layout, change the channels, and more. You can even customize preset formats for the next Longhorns game, which will allow you to keep track of all the day’s scores in real-time. Check it out below! 


How Can I Adjust my Thermostat? 

One of the best features of any smart home is climate control. Programming an automatic schedule for your thermostat is imperative for Texas weather, with cool mornings and too-hot early evenings. With Savant’s automated settings, and depending on how your HVAC system is configured, you’ll be able to adjust the mode, fan, and humidity of multiple rooms of your Lakeway, TX home. Press play on the video below to learn how to do that.  


What Haven’t We Covered Yet? 

Once our expert team has installed a Savant home control system, we review all of the settings and help homeowners customize each room of their estate. Some finer details of the Savant user interface are covered in the video below, including how to access quick controls and how to view which smart home solutions are currently in use with a simple glance.   

Savant home automation systems make it possible to customize your Lakeway home and make it truly smart! Connect with us here to schedule a consultation – we can’t wait to hear from you.