Your Entertainment Choices are as Unique as You Are!

When you watch TV, do you prefer the lights down low and for no one to make a peep? Or do you prefer to lounge on the sofa while the kids are playing pool on the other side of the room? Do you have the space in your Lakeway, TX property to dedicate to a personal home theater, or do you need to incorporate your movie and TV-watching into a multifunctional space?

The answers to the questions above will help you determine which audio/video setup would be best for your home. Media rooms and home theaters are both excellent options, but depending on your preferences, one style may be a better fit for your family and home than the other.

Lately, we’ve been writing about preparing your home for summer fun, but keep scrolling below to learn how to have a fantastic entertainment experience – no matter the time of year!

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Dedicated Viewing Experience

While you can add impressive audio and video to a media room, a home theater is the better option for a truly immersive AV experience. The sole purpose of a home theater is to watch movies, TV shows, or even YouTube videos; this is not the place for pulling out your cellphone to scroll as you watch, nor is it the place for ambient noises.

Adding soundproofing to the room will take the space to the next level, so other activities in your home don’t detract from stunning surround sound and Dolby Atmos paired with 4K projection or flat panel screens. The Service Tech team will bring in custom seating upholstered in fabrics that dampen sound reflection while providing a luxury feel and aesthetic. Think of your local cineplex, only with the dial turned up to 11! All you need to do is supply the popcorn and your favorite beverages.


Media Rooms are Multifunctional

If you don’t mind seeing the kids with their phones out while catching up on the latest episode of a Netflix show, or if you expect family to walk through the area throughout a film, then a media room may be the best option for your Austin-area home!

Media rooms are fully customizable and perfect if you want to incorporate a space in your home for various types of entertainment. The options are nearly endless – a reading nook in the corner by the window, a billiards table for your partner, gaming consoles for late-night missions with friends, and even a rollaway projection screen that can hide away when no one is watching anything. Though you can enjoy films and shows in surround sound and with impeccable visuals, a media room is a truly multipurpose space.


Beyond Audio & Video

Our team will help you decide which entertainment format is the best fit for your home and will design the perfect solutions for you. In addition to audio and video components, we can include a variety of other smart home solutions that take your media enjoyment to new heights.

Smart lighting can dim and brighten with just a tap of your finger, and motorized shades will lower to block out bothersome glare. Enterprise-grade networking solutions will keep streaming services like Disney+ and ensure your online games stay connected so that you never experience any lag or buffering videos. We can even integrate your video doorbell so that when someone rings the door, the live video feed will show on your TV screen, so you don’t have to get up from your comfortable recliner!


Let us help you create the perfect relaxation spot in your very own Lakeway home! Connect with us here or call today for a new or upgraded media room consultation.