Lutron’s Palladiom Line of Window Treatments Will Look Beautiful in Your Austin-Area Home

Since 1993, whisper-quiet automated shades from Lutron have taken the residential market by storm, complementing interior designs and improving homeowners’ lifestyles one curtain or blind at a time. Now, the elegant Lutron Palladiom shading system takes the already exemplary brand to new heights.

These motorized shades are the quietest in the industry and are meant to exude luxury in both form and function. Scroll below to take a deep dive into Lutron’s Palladiom motorized shades and learn why considering them for your Austin, TX home is such a great idea.

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Why Would I Want Motorized Shades Instead of Regular Shades?

Think about how many windows you have in your expansive Austin-area home. Perhaps you have a large bay of hard-to-reach windows in the living area, several windows in the kitchen, and a few large windows in the bedrooms – and the list could likely go on. How much time do you spend each day walking throughout the house to raise and lower window treatments as the sun rises and sets? If the answer is more than 30 seconds, then we’re happy to tell you about motorized shades.

You can adjust shades as you need throughout the day or program motorized shades and window treatments to adjust according to the sun’s position and time of day. A variety of fabric selections and shade styles provide varying levels of insulation and privacy – blackout fabrics with a tight weave block out the sun’s light and prevent nosy neighbors from peering inside; flowy sheers and open weave fabrics offer minimal privacy protection but do allow in more light.


What Does Palladiom Offer That Other Motorized Shades Systems Don’t?

With Lutron Palladiom motorized shades, you’re doing more than simply covering the windows of your Austin-area home. You’re adding a custom-crafted, luxury experience to every room of the house. These shades are the quietest on the market, so no one will hear the inner mechanics as the roller blind raises or lowers.

Visually, the shades are stunning and versatile with a wide selection of designer fabrics available. These modern roller blinds are engineered to remain precise with continued use over the years. With a tap of your finger, any window – up to 12-by-12 foot – can be covered or unveiled electronically, with the bottom of each roller blind synchronized within one-eighth of an inch with Lutron’s patented Intelligent Hembar Alignment.

The roller blind is exposed and designed to be seen. Wiring is hidden inside the bracket’s machined aluminum unibody structure and is mountable in the ceiling or wall, inside or outside of the window jamb. Inside-the-jamb application gives a 0.5-inch light gap, which is the best on the market and perfect for practically any room of the house. End brackets come in brass, satin nickel, black and clear anodized, pure white, and polished graphite, with concealed but accessible programming, wire management, and fasteners.


How Do I Operate a Lutron Palladiom Shading System?

The elegant and gracefully slim HomeWorks QS Palladiom keypads and thermostats integrate seamlessly with the Palladiom shading system. Simple controls feature intuitive icons, text, or a combination of the two so you, your family, and your guests aren’t left wondering which button does what. Dynamic backlighting of the engraved buttons automatically adjusts intensity based on the room’s ambient lighting, so every glass, metallic, or matte finished key is easy to read in the dark. You can also use the Lutron Connect app.


What System Works with Palladiom?

This motorized shading system from Lutron lets you integrate your central Texas home’s technologies creatively with the HomeWorks QS system. Your smart lighting and shades integrate into one intuitive system, so you’re able to control practically any smart device from a smartphone or tablet. Using the app, you can adjust shades individually, by room, or create customized smart scenes incorporating other smart technologies. HomeWorks QS lets homeowners control all of the light and other technologies in their home with customizable dimming, window coverings, fixtures, climate control, and more!



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