Your Austin-Area Business Deserves the Best – Lifesize Makes It Possible in 4K Quality

If you work in Austin, the likelihood of working in a hybrid workplace is high. Before 2020, nearly 51% of employees worked fully or partially from a home office, and that number has undoubtedly risen with the last 14 months of social distancing and the shift to remote work accommodations.

Staying connected to everyone in the company doesn’t need to be complicated, though. Video conferencing solutions from Lifesize make it possible to collaborate with anyone on your team, whether located in the office, in their Austin, TX home, or across the globe. Keep reading to learn more about this innovative business solution.

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Returning to the Office

Many managers recently made the difficult but necessary decision to have some, if not all, of their Austin staff return to the office full-time or part-time. With that return comes some hesitancy from employees wondering if they’ll be able to remain safe in close quarters – something most of us have avoided over the last year.

One-touch or no-touch video conferencing solutions are something that business managers can incorporate to improve peace of mind while also streamlining operations right away. Staying connected has never been easier than with Lifesize.


What Is Lifesize?

Most people have heard of Zoom, GoToMeeting, and RingCentral Meetings as viable video conferencing software for utilization in the hybrid work environment. Lifesize takes video calls to a new echelon of effectiveness with fully integrated meeting room systems for any size room.

Other programs work with third-party companies for hardware such as microphones and cameras. Lifesize is different because its cloud software pairs with its room system platform. Staff will have a seamless high definition 4K meeting that can be installed into a conference room in as little as 48 hours. Both mobile and desktop apps are available, and staff can host and join video calls with their favorite web browser.


Solutions for Every Space

Lifesize offers several video conferencing solutions that will suit your company’s needs, from huddle spaces and private offices to small meeting rooms, large boardrooms, and even home offices. To support staff that are working from their home office, the Lifesize app works on personal devices and supports BYOD (bring your own device) environments and local network policies, but Lifesize Dash is a mid-range solution that brings additional flexibility to home offices.

The high-end video conferencing solution from Lifesize is the Icon 500, which offers a dedicated video call screen with 4K quality and 4K content sharing! Setup is truly plug-and-play and lets employees get back to work quickly without jumbling through multiple wires and installations. All updates are automatic, too, so there’s no need for the IT department to handle software management with a Lifesize system.


Security Is Imperative

More than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every day, according to Seed Scientific, and if it’s not encrypted properly, companies are at risk of cyber hacking. Client details, sales sheets, and other confidential information shared over Lifesize are encrypted end-to-end by default, so companies aren’t opening themselves up to liability by using this video-meeting solution. Because updates occur automatically, any known security issues get resolved across the board, so your company stays protected.



Lifesize offers a new spin to video conferencing in the modern hybrid workplace. Contact Service Tech here or chat with us below so we can discuss the possibilities for your Austin business today!