Texas Life Gets Easier When You Automate Your Technologies

Deep in the heart of Central Texas, we live an interesting lifestyle. Fast-paced city life is just a few exits away on the Interstate, but many of us have the luxury of retreating a bit further away from the hustle and bustle of the Austin area when we head home after a busy day of work, school, or appointments.

Your West Lake Hills home is an oasis for entertainment and relaxation, so why not make the experience more luxurious with a smart home system? With the tap of a finger, your entire home can respond to your request – shades lower to provide privacy or HBO Max cues up in an instant so you can catch up on your favorite show.

Keep scrolling below to learn how a premium Savant home automation system can make two areas of your home more convenient yet luxurious!

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Living Spaces

The kitchen and living room serve as hubs of activity for the entire family; it’s where you all spend the most time interacting with one another. A Savant home control system can automate the smart devices that you have in each of these rooms, making it possible for discrete technologies to communicate individually or in unison.

Motorized shading solutions change the way your home looks and feels with the power of light. During the heat of the day, the shades on south-facing windows can automatically lower to prevent heat gain and harmful UV rays from damaging interior furnishings. If you’re reading a recipe on your tablet in the kitchen, a simple press of a button on an on-wall keypad, touchscreen, or smart remote can lower your blinds to reduce any glare on the screen. A smart system makes adjusting the amount of daylight that enters your home a breeze!



Automated roller shades in a blackout fabric are perfect for the bedroom because they prevent ambient light from entering your room as you try to sleep in on the weekends. Another smart solution that you can incorporate into your bedroom is smart lighting. Automate your lights to dim to a warm, amber hue in the evenings to help you wind down – or brighten them to a crisp white in the mornings as you prepare for your day.

We’re a Lutron Black Diamond dealer, and our technicians can program lighting to warm and dim automatically or according to designed smart scenes in conjunction with other technologies. Smart scenes create a series of device responses that happen simultaneously at the press of a button. A “Goodnight” scene will turn off all interior lighting, turn on exterior lighting for increased safety, and arm your smart security system.


You can incorporate practically any room of your West Lake Hills home into a smart home system and make it operable with an easy-to-use Savant interface. Chat with us at the bottom of your page or connect with us here to start exploring the possibilities for your property.