A Multi-Room Audio System Makes Your Austin-Area Property an Entertainment Oasis

What do you like to do for fun while you’re at home? Playing games with the kids, cooking, workout, crafting, and lounging by the pool are all common activities our clients enjoy. What’s one commonality between all of these things, though? They’re all enhanced with a fun soundtrack!

Imagine having your favorite music, podcast episodes, audiobook chapters, and more available in any room of your Lakeway, TX home. It’s possible with a whole-home audio system installation from the professional team at Service Tech. Read on below to learn three areas of your home you can enjoy more once you have an audio upgrade!

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You may not be a Top Chef or Star Baker, but whatever you’re cooking in the kitchen will undoubtedly taste better with a music playlist accompanying you through every step of the recipe. You could even catch up on your podcast queue while meal prepping for the workweek. All it takes is the tap of your finger.

Nearly invisible in-wall and in-ceiling speakers leave your countertops free while offering high-performance sound in your kitchen and dining areas. Funky jazz beats aren’t brassy or shrill, and dialogue from podcasts and audiobooks are crystal clear. And if you want to take your audio selection into another room, simply press a button on an on-wall keypad, use your smartphone, or tap a button on a smart remote. Turn the volume up or down, press pause, or select multiple rooms of your home to play the same audio source or a different one.


Outdoor Patio

Having music outdoors is a must, especially as we near warmer months in Lakeway. Marine-grade speakers expertly placed throughout your backyard spaces are crafted to sound great while withstanding the harsh Texas sun, insects, and humidity. Satellite speakers placed in your lawn and landscaping design pair well with in-ground subwoofers and Coastal Source Bollards for a soundscape that blankets your entire yard.


Media Room

What better place to take your favorite media than the media room? Media rooms are becoming more popular with our Austin-area clients who prefer a multi-functional entertainment space designed for the entire family. With a whole-home audio system, you can watch the latest episode of a Netflix show on the 4K UHD flatscreen while the kids are streaming a Spotify playlist while playing pool on the other side of the room. At the same time, using the same audio system, your partner can decide to listen to their favorite album while they lounge by the pool.


Having your favorite records, streaming playlists, movie soundtracks, and more available in any room of the house with a simple press of your finger isn’t too good to be true. For an audio/video consultation of your Lakeway property, connect with us here today! We look forward to having an opportunity to bring music to every corner of your Lakeway-area home.