Enjoy Top-Quality Sound in Every Room of the House!

“Just press play!”

Really, that’s all you need to do to listen to high-end audio in your Austin-area home, whether you’re in the kitchen, outdoors, or in the home theater. Using the same Crestron or Savant home control system that you use to dim the lights at the end of the day, you can also adjust the volume – and more – on your favorite albums, streaming playlists, audiobooks, or podcasts.

Keep scrolling below to learn how Service Tech can bring Texas-sized sound to any room of the house!

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Quality Brands

Of course, having quality music sources is important, but the quality craftsmanship of your AV components is paramount. Receivers and speakers made of inferior materials cannot stand up to the sustained, bumping bass notes of rock songs for years, nor can they showcase high and low octaves without sounding tinny or producing a distracting humming noise.

We work with high-end speaker brands like Sonance, Artcoustic, and Canton, with amplifiers from Extron and AV receivers from Integra. For outdoor speakers, we’re big fans of brands like Triad and Revel. So, no matter the size or shape of your Texas home, or your listening preferences, Service Tech will design the perfect audio system using top-quality products from audiophile-approved brand partners that meet your needs!


A Song for Every Room

Using your simple yet sophisticated control interface, you’ll be able to select different audio sources for any room of the house or decide to play your favorite station everywhere – all you need to do is press a button. Turn the volume up or down, change the song, switch from a podcast to the game audio playing on the outdoor TV…the options are nearly endless.

Once you press play, audio flows effortlessly from a combination of in-ceiling and in-wall architectural speakers that blend seamlessly with your drywall or wallpaper; floorstanding loudspeakers that make a bold visual or auditory statement; or bookshelf speakers that practically play hide-and-seek amongst your décor and interior furnishings. No matter the aesthetic you’re going for in a room, high-end audio is possible.



To learn more about the latest audio and video trends that Austin homeowners just like you are asking for, connect with us here to get started on an AV consultation. We look forward to the opportunity to introduce great sound to your property!