Change the Way Your Austin-Area Home Looks and Feels with the Power of Lighting!

Lighting, whether it’s artificial LED lighting or natural sunlight, can make or break the aesthetic in your Texas living space. Not enough light can make a room feel cramped or dull; too much light can make an area feel overwhelming or downright unlivable.

As the leading Lutron dealer in the Greater Austin area, Service Tech proudly brings innovative lighting designs and control systems to homes all across the region. Since 2003, we’ve helped our clients achieve beautiful home atmospheres with lighting, AV, and smart automation. Read on below to learn what we can bring to luxury homes just like yours and why we’re a proud Lutron Black Diamond dealer.

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We’ve written before about the power of lighting and how important it is to incorporate an intelligent lighting design into your living spaces. Our lighting team stays on top of the latest news and trends by partnering with Lutron to further our craft. Tunable LED lighting, one-tap control of fixtures, and more are all features we’re proud to bring to our clients’ Austin homes.

Being able to dim lighting to the perfect brightness helps homeowners reduce their energy expenditure and lets you set the mood in seconds! And for expansive estates, there’s no need to go to each room to turn lights on or off. Instead, stay cozy in your seat, pull out your smartphone, and manage your lighting by room or by individual fixtures from the convenience of your smartphone!



Automated shades and blinds use the power of the sun to illuminate your interior spaces! With the tap of a button or according to a pre-programmed schedule, window shades will raise and lower to allow or block natural light from entering your living spaces.

Intelligently selected shading fabrics can transform your space. Sheer fabrics allow filtered sunlight into your home without providing much privacy, while honeycomb designs trap a layer of air between the window and fabric to prevent unnecessary heat gain in your spaces.

Lutron offers a wide selection of wired and wireless shading solutions. The whisper-quiet Palladiom line features an exposed application for a modern, sophisticated aesthetic for windows up to 12-by-12-foot in size. Center and jamb brackets are available in finishes that will look stylish in your Austin home, from pure white and clear anodized to brass and satin graphite.


Total Home Control

With a Lutron lighting control system, you’ll have control over all your integrated smart devices from the convenience of your smartphone or discrete keypads and switches. On-wall keypads come in a variety of finishes and colors that will complement your interior décor, so technology can blend seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Tap the “Good Night” button on your smart device, on-wall keypad, or remote to experience your smart home winding down for the evening. Lights dim over the course of 30 minutes to allow you and your family to go through your bedtime routine and make it to bed. Shades lower to provide privacy from passersby outside, and the alarm system arms itself to protect your family. With Lutron, the power of lighting, shading, and more are all at your fingertips!


To further explore the possibilities of Lutron, connect with us using our online contact form or give us a call! We can’t wait to hear from you.