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Where do you like to listen to music? And where do you prefer to partake in your Netflix binge-watching or movie marathons? If you responded with, “well, it depends!” or listed a few different rooms within your Central Texas house, then we completely understand! Having the ability to listen and watch your favorite entertainment sources practically anywhere is one of the best features of audio/video distribution. There’s no need to be stuck in one place!

Imagine using the same system to switch between the Blu-ray player, streaming channels, your vintage LP player, personal music collection, and whatever else you enjoy using in your downtime. Take a look below to learn three areas of your West Lake Hills-area home that can benefit from an AV distribution system designed and installed by Service Tech.

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Game Room

By centralizing your source components, you don’t need to dedicate precious space in your game room to multiple cable boxes. Having a dedicated AV rack room lets us coordinate all of your AV sources from one central location, so ventilation, wiring, and hardware are easy to troubleshoot in one space of your home. Plus, with Savant’s video tiling feature, you can watch all the games simultaneously on one big screen, switch between game audio as big plays are happening, and more by using an intuitive touchscreen interface.


Outdoor Patio

You can watch the latest episode of your favorite show while the kids are inside playing Xbox and your partner is inside listening to music while preparing dinner – all with the same AV system. One tap control lets you change the channel, video source, or audio source no matter where you are. Walk outside to hang by the pool, and with just a few taps, you can stream Spotify while sunbathing, or you can take the audio from the game playing inside to every speaker in your outdoor speaker system.



Have you ever been watching TV in the living room and started to get sleepy? Instead of cutting off the movie or, worse, falling asleep and missing essential pieces of the storyline, simply press “Pause!” Go ahead and make your way upstairs, get ready for bed, then press “Play” as you get cozy in your bed and finish the movie!


Having an AV distribution system takes all of your favorite podcasts, music, sports, TV shows, and music to every room of your West Lake Hills home! To start a conversation about this smart solution or others, just chat with us at the bottom of your screen or connect with us using our contact form. We can’t wait to help you enjoy your home just a little bit more!