But If You Do Forget, It’s Okay If You Have a Lighting Control System in Your Home

As a kid, did your parents ever get on to you about leaving the lights on? No matter how many times you tried, you could just never remember to switch the light off as you left a room. It happened to the best of us and still would if it weren’t for home lighting control.

Your Lakeway-area home can transform into an energy-efficient one with a lighting system that offers not only one-tap control but incredible comfort and convenience as well. Read on below to learn how incorporating a lighting control system can change the way you spend your day-to-day life at home in Texas!

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Stay on Schedule

Day in and day out, we all have routines that we participate in while we’re at home. We turn on lights in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living spaces in the mornings as we prepare for the day ahead. In the evenings, we need the exterior lighting to turn on for safety and security reasons. These routines need to occur, but it can be time-consuming to walk around the house turning lights on or off, depending on the time of day.

Instead, you can synchronize lighting to adjust according to a predetermined schedule. Set outdoor lights to turn on or off, so lights are not shining at the same time as the sun! You can even schedule your bedroom lights to turn on automatically along with your alarm clock to ensure you begin getting ready for work at the correct time.

And if you’re away from home for a business trip or vacation, these scheduled scenes can deter potential thieves with an “Away” scene that mimics occupancy. With lights turning on and off, inside and out, at various intervals throughout the day, it will look like the family is at home, even if you’re not!


Dim the Lights

Your home’s lighting fixtures can do more than shine on, turn off, and look great with your décor. Being able to dim and tune the lighting in your Central Texas home lets you support natural circadian rhythms, with bright, blue-toned white light in the early parts of the day to energize you and then warm, amber-tones to mimic that of a natural sunset outdoors.

We’ve never heard of bright, fluorescent lighting setting the scene for a romantic dinner for two. Instead, dim the lights with a swipe of your finger on a beautiful on-wall keypad or your smartphone.



By adding motion or occupancy sensors to your home, you’ll be able to solve the dreaded “Who left the lights on?” question and reduce your energy costs. When areas are left unoccupied, these sensors can determine they’re empty and automatically know to turn the lights off. Once someone walks into the space, then the lighting fixtures turn on. It’s an easy way to keep hallways, foyers, and other walk-thru spaces illuminated when needed, but not when it’s unnecessary.


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