Service Tech Brings Innovative Solutions to Companies in Central Texas

No matter what industry you’re in, keeping your employees and clients happy is essential. Not only do you want them to be pleased with the goods and services you provide, but you want your staff and the customers you do business with to feel good, too. Wondering how you can have an influence on making that happen? One way is with lighting.

Lighting can greatly affect the mood, plus selecting energy-efficient lighting can reduce business expenses as well. Your company is of utmost priority, so treat it like the investment it is! Keep reading below to learn how commercial lighting design can change the way your Austin, TX business operates.

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Energy Savings

At Service Tech, we pride ourselves on using modern technology solutions that improve our clients’ lives. LED technology is one such solution. LED lighting may seem like a costly initial investment, but the savings are long-term. One LED bulb can last for approximately 25,000 hours, but it would take nearly 20 incandescent bulbs to last just as long.

Besides lasting longer and needing fewer bulb replacements over the years, LED bulbs use at least 75% less energy and emit very little heat. Heat from incandescent bulbs can build up, too. A one to two degree rise in room temperature can affect your heating and cooling systems, too, causing them to work harder than they need to work.



We’ve written before about the power of natural lighting in relation to motorized shading. Getting the lights just right indoors can significantly affect the mood. Bright, white light helps you stay awake in the middle the day, and warm, amber light helps relax the brain as the day winds down.

By partnering with a commercial lighting designer like Service Tech, you can achieve this same level of comfort in the workplace! To encourage workers to stay productive and avoid sluggishness after lunchtime, you can program smart LED lighting to shift automatically to a bright, white hue to subconsciously encourage productivity. You can also incorporate automated shades on windows to rise when the afternoon slump typically hits. Though it seems minor, using artificial LED lighting to mimic natural sunlight can make employees and clients feel more at ease and have good feelings toward your business.


Energy savings and comfort are two ways commercial lighting can affect your business. Connect with us using our online form to discuss these and other benefits that partnering with our expert team at Service Tech offers. We can’t wait to hear from you!