Enjoy Your Patio Like Never Before with this Automated Home Solution

Doesn’t it seem like mosquito season never ends? Until the first cold snap in Texas, the bugs are rampant, making it difficult to enjoy sitting on the porch in the mornings while sipping coffee or relaxing by the fire pit in the evenings.

Fortunately, there are several styles of motorized outdoor shades available that can help you combat pesky bugs, reduce harmful UV exposure, and more. Keep reading below to learn five ways these exterior shade solutions can help you enjoy your Austin-area backyard hangouts more than ever before!

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1. Insects

Flies, mosquitos, and other flying insects are a nuisance. You could spray dangerous chemicals in your yard or on yourself to deter them, or even re-design your garden area to include insect-repelling plants like citronella and lavender. These methods can work to some degree, but a better solution would be a physical deterrent like a motorized outdoor screen. The mesh screen allows air through but not the bugs!


2. Climate Control

Besides motorized mesh screens that can prevent insects from ruining your fun, vinyl motorized shades offer an additional layer of protection that extends your living area to the great outdoors. As the warmer days slowly turn to cool, winter evenings, being able to go outside to enjoy your patio is still a viable option for parties and relaxing evenings with your partner. More often than that, though, you’ll be able to extend the cool AC to your enclosed patio space during the summer and warmer months.


3. Privacy

With dark, tightly woven mesh shades, you’ll be able to add privacy to the patio. This tightly woven mesh allows for airflow and blocks UV rays, and with a simple tap of your finger, you’ll lower the motorized shades to deter nosy neighbors.


4. Airflow

There are a variety of mesh options from Service Tech’s partner brands. Phantom Screens and other high-performance outdoor shading brands offer a range from wide, open weaves to tight, dense weaves. The larger the mesh opening, the more air circulation you’ll have!


5. UV Protection

Not only can tight-weave outdoor shades protect your privacy, but they can protect your skin and furnishings from UV rays, too. The Texas sun is brutal, so preventing UV damage is essential if you want to protect your investments and your family.


Regardless of the season, outdoor shading solutions can change the way you enjoy your property. At Service Tech, we pride ourselves on the exemplary work we do in the greater Austin area. Connect with us here to get started on an outdoor motorized shading consultation today!