Enjoy Your Favorite Music in Any Room of Your West Lake Hills-Area Home

If you’re a Tolkien fan, you’ve heard the phrase, “One ring to rule them all.” But have you ever heard the phrase, “one system to rule them all?” Likely not because we just made it up, but the sentiment can apply to your audio setup just as it applied to Middle-earth!

With a multi-room audio system installed by Service Tech, you can enjoy one-tap playback and audio source control with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Keep reading below to experience a day-in-the-life with an audio setup that works in any room of your home in the West Lake Hills area – including outside!

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Good Morning

Schedule a “Good Morning” smart home scene that incorporates not only the speakers in your bedroom but also raises the motorized shades to let in natural sunlight and turns on the lights gradually so that you can begin to wake up easily. Replace the buzzing alarm clock noise with nature sounds, your favorite news station, or a calming Spotify playlist to start the day in a new and exciting way.


Have Fun

Your next outdoor get-together will be a blast, thanks to yard-encompassing sound from Coastal Source landscaping speakers. With a tap of your finger, you can take the fun pop music playing indoors to the pool and gazebo areas as well. Your guests can weave through your Central Texas property listening to tunes no matter where they are. Once everyone heads home for the evening, simply press a button to turn off all the entertainment – outdoor TV displays, music, lighting, and the spa power down in seconds.



As you wind down for the evening, press “Play” to listen to your favorite audiobook or podcast via in-ceiling or in-wall speakers that offer high-performance sound without taking up valuable space on the counters, shelves, or floors. The kids can listen to their own music in the media room while you listen to the latest murder mystery in the kitchen – all using the same multi-room audio system!


Several audio sources, one system to rule them all! All it takes is an expert installation from an AV professional like Service Tech and a few swipes of your finger. To experience the convenience of an audio setup that spans your entire home, connect with us using our online form or call us at (512) 456-2800.