Let Service Tech Bring Immersive AV and Luxurious Seating to Movie Night

Walk in. Sit down. Press a button. Enjoy!

That’s all that’s necessary to enjoy the latest movie release or TV season premiere. With a personal home theater installation from Service Tech, you can immerse yourself into the action of a car chase scene, sit in the front row of a symphony, or feel like you’re cheering in the stands at the Longhorn game!

For a truly lifelike sound and picture, you need a comfortable home cinema space. Keep reading below to learn three major components your home theater needs for the ultimate entertainment experience in Lakeway, TX.

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Bold Audio

As TV displays have gotten progressively thinner over the years, there’s less space for audio equipment inside. Sure, the included TV speakers sound decent, but why not increase the sound output with a surround sound system setup.

A home theater requires a professional speaker installation to ensure every seat in the room experiences an immersive soundscape. Incorrectly placed speakers can cause muffled dialogue or tinny music and can completely ruin a scene.


Stunning Video

With a home theater, you have options. Up until recent years, if you wanted a giant, larger-than-life video display in your Lakeway-area home, then you’d need a projector and projection screen setup. TV displays have gotten progressively larger and less expensive, though. A home theater professional like Service Tech will assess the dimensions of your room to determine the best equipment selections for your space!


Luxurious Seating

Beyond an immersive sound and incredible video experience, seating is the third critical element of a home theater. Plush fabrics make movie marathons and Netflix binging more enjoyable. Recliners with ample snack and beverage space, chaise loungers, and even bean bag chairs for the kids are all possible in your personal home theater space. Tiered seating will ensure every viewer can see the screen without craning their neck trying to look around someone else.


Making It All Come Together

Service Tech will ensure audio, video, and seating work in beautiful harmony together. Sit down and press a button, and the lights will dim, the audio system will fire up, and your favorite streaming channel or Blu-ray player will be ready. All that’s left to do is to pick what you want to watch!

As the leading home theater experts in the greater Austin area, Service Tech is always here to answer your home AV and entertainment questions. Connect with us using our online form to schedule a consultation or chat with us at the bottom of your screen!