media room featuring smart home automation, lighting control, and UT football team on the big screen TV

Upgraded Smart Home Systems Make Entertaining More Fun!

Become the Ultimate Hangout Spot & More with Service Tech’s Help

Though your friends may judge you for not being a Longhorns fan - and we may too - there won’t be any sour judgments made by your guests regarding whether or not your Lakeway home is luxurious and comfortable. Discover how new or upgraded smart home systems can transform your at-home entertainment and make every social gathering and football hangout more enjoyable than ever before! 

Keep scrolling to see what it takes to transform your Texas property!

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Wondering What Makes a Home Theater So Great?

Let Service Tech Bring Immersive AV and Luxurious Seating to Movie Night

Walk in. Sit down. Press a button. Enjoy!

That’s all that’s necessary to enjoy the latest movie release or TV season premiere. With a personal home theater installation from Service Tech, you can immerse yourself into the action of a car chase scene, sit in the front row of a symphony, or feel like you’re cheering in the stands at the Longhorn game!

For a truly lifelike sound and picture, you need a comfortable home cinema space. Keep reading below to learn three major components your home theater needs for the ultimate entertainment experience in Lakeway, TX.

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3 Rooms of the House Where Audio/Video Distribution Is Useful

Service Tech Is Your Austin-Area AV Expert, with Superior Service & Technology Solutions

Where do you like to listen to music? And where do you prefer to partake in your Netflix binge-watching or movie marathons? If you responded with, “well, it depends!” or listed a few different rooms within your Central Texas house, then we completely understand! Having the ability to listen and watch your favorite entertainment sources practically anywhere is one of the best features of audio/video distribution. There's no need to be stuck in one place!

Imagine using the same system to switch between the Blu-ray player, streaming channels, your vintage LP player, personal music collection, and whatever else you enjoy using in your downtime. Take a look below to learn three areas of your West Lake Hills-area home that can benefit from an AV distribution system designed and installed by Service Tech.

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Enjoy Music & Podcasts Throughout Your Whole Home

A Multi-Room Audio System Makes Your Austin-Area Property an Entertainment Oasis

What do you like to do for fun while you’re at home? Playing games with the kids, cooking, workout, crafting, and lounging by the pool are all common activities our clients enjoy. What’s one commonality between all of these things, though? They’re all enhanced with a fun soundtrack!

Imagine having your favorite music, podcast episodes, audiobook chapters, and more available in any room of your Lakeway, TX home. It’s possible with a whole-home audio system installation from the professional team at Service Tech. Read on below to learn three areas of your home you can enjoy more once you have an audio upgrade!

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