Achieve Increased Control and Convenience in Your Home with a Savant Smart Home System

The last thing you should worry about is your home after working, taking your kids to and from school and other extracurriculars, and everything else your busy day entails. Smart home automation makes your home work for you, giving you more control over technologies and making your home life more convenient.

Savant is a premier smart home automation system that brings luxury and personalization into your home life. Service Tech is a trusted Savant dealer, bringing high-end luxury to your West Lake Hills, TX, home. Read more to discover the benefits of smart home automation and working with our company.

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Home Entertainment

Listen to music anywhere in your home with high-quality speakers. Savant uses IP Audio systems to distribute audio over ethernet cables to play through premium speakers in your chosen rooms. In addition, with the Savant control system, you can access Spotify or another online streaming service and make automated playlists to play at certain times in certain rooms on a schedule you set.

Savant also supports home theater and media rooms. Like IP Audio, Savant’s IP Video carries video from any source to any display. So queue up whatever show or movie you like from the Savant Control Center to your preferred display.

Climate Control

Savant’s Multistat thermostat allows you to control your home’s temperature with one device. The Multistat shows the temperature inside and out and the local weather forecast. You can set your home’s heating and cooling schedule, so it uses less energy while no one is home and then readjusts the temperature to the perfect degrees when you return. This way, you save energy and money without compromising your comfort.

The Multistat goes beyond just controlling your heating and cooling. It’s integrated with your Savant system to set scenes, dim lights, close blinds, play music, and more to set the mood. With a large and vivid touchscreen display, the Multistat makes it easy to control your entire home.

Lighting and Shades

Savant acquired GE lighting to offer high-quality light that you can control at the touch of a screen to set the mood of any room. Automate your lights to a schedule, so they can be brighter in the morning, dimmer at night, or however you like. Daylight mode syncs your light to match your natural circadian rhythm to improve overall well-being, restfulness, and productivity.

In addition to controlling artificial light, your Savant system can open and close your motorized shades to provide the right amount of natural light for any occasion. Set them to a schedule, or open and close them through the Savant Control Center.


Savant’s access control system means you always know who enters and leaves your house. Add a video doorbell system, see live video from your home’s security cameras, and be alerted to suspicious activity. In addition to a security system, the ability to remotely control your lights and shades means your home appears to be occupied even when you’re away.

Experience the luxury of a premier home automation system. Service Tech is a premier Savant Dealer in West Lake Hills, TX, and the greater area. Contact us today to create the smart home of your dreams.