Enjoy More Of Your Outdoor Spaces With Products That Create Comfort, Privacy, And Protection

One of the great pleasures of homeownership is opening our living spaces for family and friends to share and bond over food and fun. In Austin, TX, We have the privilege of enjoying the outdoors all year round, and with it comes the opportunity to entertain under the sun and stars in any season.

Extending your home living to the outside provides the benefits of fresh air, a sense of freedom, and health-improving melatonin production, the hormone associated with happiness. Yet, the summer sun does bring the potential for overbearing heat, pests, and eye squinting glare.

Our expert team of installers makes your outdoor space more usable with the combination of patio motorized shades and Big Ass Fans. Are you intrigued to learn more? Continue reading below.

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Tame The Sun

Just as too much sun can make a room unbearably hot, putting stress on your climate control, it can also drive you from the deck, patio, or gazebo. Adding patio motorized shades lowers the temperature to make an area that was too hot to touch into a cool sanctuary.

Watching a ballgame with the gang is more fun when you can enjoy it at your outdoor bar without having to squint from the glare. While outdoor televisions and speakers are made to withstand the elements, protecting the equipment, furniture, and you from excessive UV rays is vital.

Peace And Privacy

Not all of our outside space is free from the prying eyes of neighbors. Despite the good relations between households, there are times when you would like to have private time on the deck. You can have an increased sense of security without blocking your view of the pool or the natural landscape. Have the freedom to relax in your pajamas or dry off from the pool in your swimsuit, free from the concerns that others may look in.

Improved Airflow, Better Living

While more time outside has numerous benefits, the long summer days often have limited breezes, leaving you with stagnant air. Fans give you the power to improve airflow, reduce humidity, cool your space, and make the days more comfortable.

The hotter days also bring out an assortment of flying pests, from mosquitos to fruit flies and more. Research has shown that these bugs prefer still air, and fans disrupt their travel, keeping them at bay and you bite-free. The products from Big Ass Fans generate movement at any level desired and are built to last for years, keeping you cool and free of disturbances.

Now Is Time

The summer heat is coming sooner than you think; make your days by the pool and barbecues more comfortable with patio shades and outdoor fans. Call us at (512) 456-2800 or fill out our contact form to start the conversation! We look forward to working with you!