Soak in Austin’s Sun With Elegant Lutron Motorized Shades

Thanks to smart home technology, the days of messing with window treatments are over. Lutron motorized shades bring simplicity and luxury to your home’s lighting. Motorized shades control and automate your blinds opening and closing, allowing you to soak in natural light without using more energy than necessary, while protecting your furniture and art. Lutron’s Sivoia QS system and product line offer convenient control with stylish, upscale designs.

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Optimum Performance

Sivoia QS motorized shades are designed to give homeowners simple control over their shades while keeping a sleek, uniform look. Sivoia shades in one room will start, move, and stop together, so they are always aligned for a polished appearance. The shades are also nearly silent, so adjusting your shades won’t interrupt any conversation or movie.

You can control your window treatment through an intuitive keypad on the wall or remote control. Preset buttons allow you to set your shades to your favorite positions or use the up and down buttons to set them manually. Want to open or close your shades completely? You have an option to quickly adjust them that way too!


One of the most important features of smart home technology is its ability to integrate with other technologies. For example, Lutron’s Sivoia QS is compatible with many popular smart home automation systems like Savant and Control4. By integrating with these systems, you can control your shades from your smart home dashboard and remotely from the platform’s app. 

Lutron is also well-known for its premium smart home lighting solutions. Sivoia QS communicates with Lutron products and system, so your home always has the perfect balance of natural and artificial light. Your lights will dim or turn off when there is sufficient sunlight, and close your shades and turn up your interior lights when it’s dark outside. The integration makes your home life easier and is perfect to decrease your home’s energy usage.

Designs to Match Any Home

Sivoia QS offers many shade designs, fabrics, colors, and metal finishes. You can customize almost every aspect of your shades, which complements and adds to your home’s interior design. Sivoia has two main styles for wall plates: architectural and designer. The architectural option contains square corners and beveled edges for a crisp and simple design, while the designer style has rounded corners and edges with a gloss or satin finish. For shades, you can choose everything from the type of window treatment, fabric, and color. No matter your style or home’s aesthetic, Lutron’s Sivoia QS has a product to match. 

Sivoia QS is a great product line with stylish window treatments and intuitive controls if you want to add motorized shades to your Austin, TX home. To get started in adding elegant, smart home shading solutions to your home, contact Service Tech today. Our team of professionals will help design and install your Lutron motorized shades, giving you the simplicity, control, and style your home deserves.