Extend Your Living Spaces to the Great Outdoors

We don’t want to sound cliché by starting a conversation by talking about the weather, but when you’re in Texas, you can’t get away from it! Isn’t the Texas weather always throwing us for a loop? Especially this time of year, Lakeway-area residents can never put their winter coats, flip flops, or shorts away!

If you’re lucky enough to be able to hang out on the back patio during one of those rare warm winter days, or if you want to get a head start on summertime fun, then you need to consider motorized patio shades!

Keep scrolling to read our blog on the topic! We cover three of our top reasons for loving this outdoor home solution.

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1. UV Protection & Shade

Even when it’s cold, the Texas sun is hot, hot, hot! Harmful UV rays can damage your skin, even on cloudy days, so it’s important to find reprieve when you can. Motorized patio shades from brands like Phantom Screens and Rainier come in various fabrics with varying opacities, colors, and fabric weaves. A tighter weave provides more shade and sun protection, whereas a looser weave still protects your skin and outdoor furnishings from UV rays but maintains your gorgeous views of the Austin skyline.


2. Extend Your Living Spaces

If you’re like many Austinites, you likely work remotely from home 1 to 5 days out of the workweek. Even if you have your own office that doesn’t share space with the kids’ playroom or the kitchen table, it’s still nice to get outside to work occasionally.

Take a mini field trip to your very own backyard! Tap a button on your home control system touchscreen or patio remote to lower the shades in seconds. Suddenly you’re transported to a comfortable outdoor oasis while crunching numbers on a spreadsheet. And if you have automated vinyl shades, then you can add a little bit of air conditioning to your space without having the cool air seep out of the patio space. Ninety to 100-degree days feel very different when you’re in the shade with AC.


3. Add Style to Your Backyard Areas

Of course, there are several shade-providing and sun-blocking materials you could use to make your outdoor patio a bit more bearable in the warm Texas weather that you could find at the local hardware store or big-box retailer. They simply cannot compare to the beauty and sophistication offered by motorized patio shades, awnings, and pergolas from reputable brands like Renson Outdoor, Sunair, and Rollac. Fully integrated into your existing smart home or as part of a standalone system, these shades are made of high-performance fabrics built to withstand sun, wind, rain, insects, and heat.


Your Outdoor Partner

Whether it’s patio shades, outdoor audio, or lighting, Service Tech is your smart home solutions partner in the greater Austin area. Chat with us below or connect with us using our online contact form to schedule an outdoor shading consultation. We can’t wait to help you enjoy your backyard spaces in a brand-new way!