Experience Luxury at the Tip of Your Fingers in Your Lakeway-Area Home

Imagine walking into a room and tapping a button to have the entire room respond in seconds. Tap the “Bright” button on a beautiful on-wall keypad in the living room, then watch the roller shades rise, the indoor lamps brighten, and the overhead lights turn on to a bright blue-white hue. You’re instantly prepared to do anything with ease in your Lakeway-area home, thanks to the instant illumination available at your fingertips.

Beyond brightening day-to-day activities, a Lutron lighting system adds innovation, style, and convenience to Texas homeowners’ daily lifestyles. Keep reading below to learn how Lutron – and Service Tech – keep raising the bar on smart home solutions!

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Limitless Innovation

Lutron is a top-in-class lighting and automated smart shades brand and has been since 1959 when Lutron’s Joel Spira invented the solid-state dimmer. And Lutron continues to create innovative concepts and products that revolutionize the smart home industry with convenience and style.

The new Lutron RadioRA 3 system takes the concept of lighting control and bulks it up with customizable full-home integration with stylish control options. Its contemporary lightbar design offers a soft, see-in-the-dark glow, so you can easily find the button in the wee hours of the morning or evening. You can even touch or swipe your finger to dim and brighten lights thanks to capacitive touch technology that works similarly to using a smartphone or tablet touchscreen.


Plays Well with Others

With a Lutron lighting system, you can adjust hundreds of smart devices inside your home with a simple tap, swipe, or voice command. Our team can help you integrate your multi-room Sonos sound system, Savant automation system, Alexa or Josh voice assistant, and other top-industry products into your Lutron control system.

And because Lutron works so well with third-party brands, you can rest easy knowing that new products and devices will likely blend seamlessly into your smart home experience not only now but for years into the future as well!


Your Lighting Partner

Our team proudly creates award-winning lighting designs and control systems that showcase Lakeway homes and Austin-area businesses in their best light. From our initial discovery meeting where we ask you about your day-to-day routines to post-installation service and support plans, our team proudly serves Central Texas for all of its lighting design and control needs!


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