Key Indicators That a Dedicated Theater Fits You Better Than a Media Room

If you’ve read any news concerning smart homes recently, you’ve heard by now that media rooms are trending. After all, why not? They offer multi-purpose entertainment for more flexibility for how and when you watch your favorite movies, TV shows, and sports – plus, you can listen to music and play video games in a fun, mixed-media environment.

However, as trendy as home media rooms are, some West Lake Hills, TX homeowners are still better suited to a traditional home theater installation. Find out if we’re describing you by reading below!

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1) You prefer watching your choice entertainment at night.

Imagine you’ve completed a successful but draining day at work, and you come home to recharge for a few hours before dinner. Almost as soon as you close the front door behind you, you grab a snack and head to a darkly lit sanctuary down the hall.

When you enter the home theater, you leave the world behind and immerse yourself on the focal point of a theater room – the display. Your space transforms into a portal for the ultimate escapism, where the surround sound places you into the drama or action. You can’t imagine settling down here with your laptop or looking over your shoulder at someone playing Call of Duty. This room takes you to another place – the film’s setting – helping you abandon your daily stresses.

If movies symbolize an activity to retreat to once the day’s over, we suggest the home theater option instead of the busy, multi-sensory environment of a media room.

2) Screens lighting up during films is your pet peeve.

Be honest: when you’re watching a film or TV show with someone, does seeing them answer a text message annoy you? Are the lit-up screens around the theater a serious pet peeve for you when you go to a commercial theater? If either of these apply, we’d bet that you prefer a distraction-free experience to relish the artistic elements of your films. When the lighting dims and the screen brightens, it’s just you and the action on screen.

3) You miss the cineplex experience

If the first image that comes to mind when you think of “home theater” is “large display and a dark room for watching movies,” we would venture to guess that you missed going to your local cineplex when they closed. What you probably don’t miss is paying almost $10 for a small snack, navigating large crowds and tight seating arrangements, or overhearing loud teenagers talk through the whole movie. Get everything you loved about your local movie house within the comfort of your home.

To make you feel even more comfortable, we’ll create a space that reflects you and what you love to see. Some clients want a modern setup with lit-up movie posters, while others prefer the traditional Old Hollywood aesthetic. Settle into a bespoke room created specifically for your family. We also attend to AV specifics, like ideal screen positioning, room acoustics, and sound paneling.

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