Experience the Sophisticated Luxury of a Home Automation System from Service Tech

Imagine walking into your West Lake Hills-area home and having it respond to your requests. Not quite like the science fiction films of yesteryear, but better. Sophisticated luxury living isn’t campy or convoluted – it just works!

A smart home control system using the Crestron Home platform ensures your smart lighting, motorized shading, security, audio/video, and climate control subsystems not only work well independently but in orchestra with one another as well. All you need to do is tap a button or say a voice command.

Take a look below at four smart scenes the professional home automation team at Service Tech can help create in your Central Texas home.

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Outdoor Party

Friendly gatherings have ramped up over the last few months, so it’s important to make your Austin-area home look its best when friends and family members visit. Everyone is looking to have a great time, and you can help set the perfect party time mood in your outdoor spaces.

The “Outdoor Party” scene will turn on the pool lights to a fun color, set your outdoor sound system to play your favorite Spotify station, and set the string lights to twinkle among the trees at night. All you need to do is provide the food, beverages, and memorable conversations.


Game Day

Tap the “Game Day” button on an on-wall Crestron touch panel to coordinate lighting with your multi-room music system. For a football game, you can have alternating white and burnt orange lights in the media room while the audio from the game plays in one room or across the entire house!



Once the game or party is over and the people have all gone home, you should give yourself some time to relax before heading straight to bed!

A “Relax” scene will dim the lights to a warm incandescent glow, begin playing your favorite smooth jazz songs, and lower the motorized shades for privacy from the nosy neighbors. Choose to read a book, scroll your phone, or enjoy a nice conversation with the family. Your Crestron Home system creates the perfect ambiance with a single tap of your finger.


Good Night

Once the good times are over, tap “Good Night” on your on-wall keypad or your bedside Crestron touchscreen display to button the house up for the evening. Arm the alarm system, turn on exterior landscape lighting to deter potential thieves, and turn off all interior lights. Not sure if you locked the garage door? From the comfort of your bed, you can use your Crestron Home system to lower the garage door and ensure all exterior doors are secured.


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