Get Ready to Experience a Professional Audio Video System

A home entertainment system can become complicated, especially if you’re integrating it in different rooms of your Austin, TX home. In such instances, it is beneficial to use professional services for your audio video installation so that you can save yourselves from the technical and confusing procedures and go straight to enjoying your AV system.

At Service Tech, our AV professionals can help you configure the settings and adapt them to any room in your home – whether it’s a media room or a living room – for a superior audio and video experience.

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Seamless Integration

Whether you’re going for a flat-screen TV with a surround sound option or a dedicated home theater, a professional again offers you proper guidance and makes it easy for your technology to sync together for an optimal AV experience. By including a smart AV system, you can start a movie, switch rooms, and resume watching your content in the other room without any delays or fast-forwarding.

A typical home entertainment system can include several devices, including the TV, DVD player, cable device, and streaming device, which need to be managed at the same time. A professional can help you control everything from a universal remote or tablet, which is easily accessible and reduces any confusion by preventing you from scrambling to search for different remote controls.


Clutter-free Installation

You have the convenience of decreasing clutter and arranging every piece of equipment when you deal with a local specialist. The Service Tech team will discuss different storage options that can be used to hide wires from cable companies, streaming devices, DVD and Blu ray players, and other media devices by using stylish and robust options that can easily blend in with your décor and not affect the visual aesthetics of your home.

We can even provide professional equipment storage racks that can be used to organize equipment efficiently and ensure your wires are never tangled. This clutter and fuss-free installation ensures your wires and equipment are secure and protected from damage to a degree. Additionally, it is also easy to relocate and switch media devices such as DVD players to any room of the house where you have a setup installed.


A superior audio video experience is no easy feat, but as a company that is dedicated to providing its clients with well incorporated audio and video technology in their Austin, TX homes, we have the relevant professional experience to get your systems in line. Contact us here to get started on a no-obligation AV consultation, or call us at (512) 456-2800.